Free Keyword Research Tool based on Google Search Suggestions: KeywordSea

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KeywordSea is a free SEO keyword research tool that you can use. Just like other free keyword tools that we have covered so far, it works in pretty much the same way. A slight difference that you will find here is that instead of showing you search volume or CPC, it helps you discover more variations of a certain keyword. And for that, it makes use of the Google Search suggestions. It tries to generate long tail keywords by adding prepositions and some other auxiliary keywords as prefix or post fix terms.

In SEO, there are various circumstances where you need long tail keywords. You can feel those needs while creating an ad campaign or working on a high-quality article. For success, you need a good set of keywords to target and for that, you need keyword research tools. There are many such tools there already. But if specifically need one that can generate keywords for you using Google suggestions, then KeywordSea here is the tool you need.

Keyword Research Tool based on Google Search Suggestions KeywordSea

Free Keyword Research Tool based on Google Search Suggestions: KeywordSea

There is no sign up or registration required to use KeywordSea. You can get started right away after landing on its main homepage. From there, you can simply select a language and enter a principal keyword. All the major languages are supported here, you are free to try the example keywords listed there.

KeywordSea Enter keyword and specify language

Now, you just hit enter and then it will start collecting keywords for you. Give it a few seconds and then after that, you will see list of all the keywords that you can go through. Basically, the generated keywords are classified in the following categories:

  • Questions: Here you will mostly see W-H questions. In this section, you will find what/how questions about the keywords that you entered.
  • Prepositions: In this section, it tried to generate long tail keywords by adding most common type of prepositions such as “for”, “to”, “with”, etc.
  • Comparisons: In this section, it generates a list of different keywords that you can compare. Basically, this section will help you pick keywords that sound perfectly when used in articles or ad headlines.
  • Related: Based on what principal keyword you chose, here it will give you a list of related keywords that you can copy and use where ever you want.
  • Alphabetical: This is quite a big section. Here this tool basically categorizes all the generated long tail keywords in alphabetically order.

KeywordSea Showing Keywords

In this way, you can keep using this tool to generate the keywords. However, a little downside is that here it will not let you export the list of all the keywords to a file. You can only analyze them here and copy them at most. But I hope that they add export option in the later updates.


As an SEO professional, you need to know a good deal of free keyword research tools out there. KeywordSea is one of those. It is new and it can greatly help you as it offers a different way to generate keywords. I agree that it can’t show you essential parameters for the generated keywords such as CPC or volume, but it can help you discover very useful keywords that can help boost SEO on your own websites or that of your clients.

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