3 Free Shape Collage Maker Software for Windows

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Here are 3 free shape collage maker software for Windows. These software allow you to create a collage by decorating photos in any shape you want. You can use shapes like heart, animals, skulls, smileys, and text. From these software, you can either use the shapes that are in these software and some of them even allow you to use a custom mask as well to create a collage. You can use any number of photos of you want and control other parameters like space between them, their alignment, size of the photos in collage, collage size, and so many others. And after creating the collage, you can simply save it as JPG, PNG file.

There are so many collage maker software out there but they don’t let you create a shaped collage. And all the software that I have listed below let you create and save a shape collage from any number of photos you want. In the following list, I will talk about 3 such software that you can use to create a stunning collage in different shapes.

Shape Collage Maker Software for Windows

3 Free Shape Collage Maker Software for Windows:


ShapeX free shape collage maker

ShapeX is one of the best free shape collage maker software for Windows. There are a lot of shapes in this software that you can use to create a collage. It offers you shapes like animals, modern art, smileys, skulls, and text. You can either use the built-in shapes to create a collage or you can add your custom shape in the software to make a collage. And I will tell you later how to create your custom shape to make a collage. It lets you import any number of photos from PC and then help you create a shape collage of your choice. While creating a collage, you can change the parameters like space between photos, shape of photos, opacity of photos, border of the photos, and some others. After creating the collage and adjusting the parameters, you can save it as a JPG or PNG image.

To use this free shape collage maker software, you can download it from the above link. There is no installation required to use it. Just get its ZIP package and then launch the software directly. After opening the software, the first step is to import all the images using which you want to create a collage. After that, you can choose the different shapes from the bottom of the software. There are different categories given for the shapes. You can select any one from there and then adjust your collage. The adjustment parameters are given on the right side and you can use them to change the final look and feel of the collage.

When you have created your collage, you can simply export it. Use the Save icon from the toolbar above to save the collage as PNG or JPG image. Now, when you want to create custom shape, then for that you should have a little knowledge of image editing. You will have to create mask in Photoshop or Paint.net. Just keep the main shape in the middle and remove all the background (or make it transparent) from it. After that, simply import it in the software and then start creating your collage.

Shape Collage

Shape collage free shape collage maker software for Windows

Shape Collage is another software that you can use to create shape collages on a Windows PC. It lets you import your photos from hard disk and then arrange them in collage of your favorite shape. You can either use shape of letter, some predefined ones like heart, rectangle, etc. And apart from this, it lets you specify your own shape to create a photo collage. And while creating a collage, you can change some parameters to adjust the photos in the collage. It lets you change the parameters like a space between the photos, size of the photos, size of the collage, background color, rotation, shadows, offset, and some others. You can use these parameters to create your collage and then save it as JPG or PNG image. However, this software is free only for personal use.

You can download the setup file of Shape Collage using above link and then install it on your PC. After that, run it and just like the software above, you can add photos in it that you want to use in your final collage. After that, from top right side, you can specify the shape of the collage to be used. Next, you can customize the other parameters of the collage and then hit the “Create” button. It will show you the final collage view in its viewer. If there is something wrong in the final view, then you can correct it by adjusting the parameters. And then again click on the “Create” button. Finally, when you are done with the collage creation, simply export it.

To create custom shape in it, you don’t have to use template. There is a built-in tool for that. From the Shape section in the “Shape and size” tab, you can select a more option to draw your own shape. After drawing the shape, you can use it to create your collage. And finally save it on your PC.


Collaizer free shape collage maker

Collaizer is yet another free shape collage maker software that you can try on your PC. Just like all the other software that I have mentioned above, you can use it in the same way to create a shape collage. However, here this software is quite old one and thus there is the problem of accuracy in final collage. To fix that you will have to keep changing the collage parameters many times to get the final collage. Here it has some shapes already and also lets you create custom shape for the collage. You just import a folder in the library and then proceed with the collage creation process. Also, the collage creation process in this software is quite long as well.

You can get this software from above and then install it on your PC. After that, you will see the interface of the software which has many options in it. First of all use the “Explorer” section, import the photos that you want to use in your collage. After that, go to the “Shapes” section and then create a custom shape there and then save that in the software. Now, move to the “Design” section and then select a shape for your collage. After that, hit the “Create Collage” button. It will take a few minutes to process the photos and will generate the final collage. You can then save it as an image on your PC. Simple as that.

Final thoughts

These are the best free shape collage maker software that you can use on your PC. And all these software let you use custom shapes to create final collage easily. And also you can use a word shape template for creating a collage. Some of these software are very accurate and generate a very stunning collage. So, if you are looking for some free shape collage maker software then this post will definitely will come in handy.

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