3 Free Open Source Task Manager Tools

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A task manager is handy to easily manage all the tasks and stay consistent. There are many task manager apps and websites out there such as Google Keep, To Do List, etc., you might be using one of them. But most of these task managers are designed for personal use. What if you need to manage tasks for a small team; a professional team, a university project team, or any other team?

This article covers 3 open source task manager which are good for small teams as well as personal use. In these task manager, you can color code tasks, add priorities, timing, due dates, attachments, and more. A few of these task managers also allow you to add team mates and assigns them tasks directly. On top of that, they are open source so you don’t have to worry about data privacy.

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3 Free Open Source Task Manager Tools:


open source task manager tool online

Tiago is an open source online project management service which has an advanced task manager tool. It’s a freemium service that lets you add one admin and a total of 3 members for free. In this open source tool, you can create a public or private project and add tasks under that project. It gives you separate sections for timeline, backlog, and issues to help you manage your tasks easily.

For each task, you can add attributes such as status (color coded), points, priorities, severities, types, custom fields, tags, due dates, and permissions along with attachments. You can also assign tasks to members and timing for the tasks. You can also integrate GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gogs, and other webhooks within your tasks. To give a medium to communicate with your team, it has Slack and Hipchat plugins as well. With all these features, you can easily manage your tasks with Tiago.

You can try this online open source task manager here.


online open source task manager tool free

IceScrum is another online open source project management service. This service has a powerful builtin task manager to help users manage their teams and project timings. As a free user, you can create a private project on IceScrum and use the task manager to manage all your tasks. You can add up to 3 members to the project and assign them tasks.

The IceScrum task manager has two task categories: Urgent tasks and Recurrent Tasks. In both these categories, you can create new tasks with a color code, attachments, comments, time interval, notes, and tags. The task manager shows you the remaining time along with the planned velocity. It also has an option to add and track backlogs and easily add them to the next upcoming task. You can anytime track the history of any task and see the performance. This task manager also lets you export tasks as PDF which is handy for official use.

Give this online open source task manager a try here.

Task Coach

free open source task manager software

Task Coach is a cross-platform task manager software available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, BDS, Android, and iOS. This software is absolutely free and has powerful task management capabilities. It also available in a portable version for Windows.

In this tool, you can create tasks and add subtasks under them. In a task, you can add a description, set priority, add planned start and due dates along with actual start and completion date. You can also add task reminder and recurrence as well. In case of recurrent tasks or backlog, you can add prerequisites to a new task.

Download this free open source task manager software from here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 3 open source task manager tools you can use for free. If you need an online task management solution then give Tiago or IceScrum a try. And, if you are looking for an offline solution, then Task Coach is the best option to go with.

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