10 Free Online Logo Maker with Free Logo Download

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Here is a list of 10 free online logo maker with free logo download. Using these logo makers, you will be able to create stunning logos and then download them to use for free. These free logo makers do not add any watermark to the logo. Among these logo makers, some of them offer tons of predefined logo designs which you can use to create your own logo. Others allow you to create your own logo by adding shapes, icons, graphics, text, etc. Many of these logo makers allow you to download logos as transparent PNG files, whereas, some support JPG (or PNG) with regular backgrounds. The quality and resolution of the logos generated by these websites are pretty impressive.

There are many online logo makers available, but the majority of them either don’t allow you to customize logos, or don’t let you download logos, or add watermark to them while downloading. So, I have tested a lot of these logo makers and found 10 of the best free online logo makers that let you create logo online and download free.

Now, let us get started with the online logo makers.


Canva is one of the best free online graphic designing services using which you can create stunning posters, social media images, flyers, banners, photo cards, and so on. Apart from that, it also comes with a feature called “Online Logo Maker (homepage)” using which you can create beautiful logos with ease. When you open up the online logo maker by Canva, you will see dozens of predefined logo templates which you can use to create your own logo.

You can change the text in the predefined template, set different logo color, etc. The best part of creating a logo using this logo maker is that you can also use other features of Canva to add shapes, illustrations, icons, custom text, backgrounds, etc. When you’re done creating a logo, you can download the logo either as PNG, JPG, or PDF file with good quality.

If you want to know more about Canva, then read the full review here.

Ucraft Logo Maker:

Ucraft Logo Maker (homepage) is another free online logo maker which can be used to create great logos. If offers more than 50 predefined icons which you can use to create your logo. After adding an icon, you can change the color of the icon to any color you want. You can also add different shapes to your logo design. Apart from that, you can insert custom text, change text font, size, color, and apply text formatting like bold, italic, etc.

By default, the background of your logo will be transparent, but if you want then you can enable a brownish background for the logo. After creating a logo, you can use the “Export Logo” button to download the logo to your PC, either as a transparent PNG file or with the brownish background. Another interesting feature of this online logo maker is that it shows a preview of your logo on a business card, T-shirt, etc.


LogoCraft is also one of the best online logo makers which can help you create beautiful logos in no time. It offers hundreds of icons scattered across 17 different categories including Business, Designer Set, E-commerce, Essentials, Medical, Productivity, Social Networks, etc. You can choose any icon you want from these categories to get started with creating your logo. If you don’t find any appropriate icon for your logo, then it also allows you to upload your own icon to create the logo.

After adding an icon, you can resize, rotate, crop, flip, apply texture, and change the color of the icon. In addition to that, you can add custom text and configure text settings like text font, text color, font size, text shape, text outline, etc. Once you have created a logo, it will be visible on “My Logo” tab and you can download it as a transparent PNG file for free.

Online Logo Maker:

Online Logo Maker (homepage) also lets you create amazing logo designs online for free. After you open this logo maker, you can start creating your logo by selecting a predefined symbol. It offers tons of symbols which you can browse from more than 30 categories such as Letters, Abstract, Animals, Arts, Cars, Celebration, Cleaning, Energy, Fashion, and so on. When you choose a symbol, you will be able to change the color of the symbol and also resize it.

Then you can add text to your logo, change text color, text font, font size, and make the text bold or italic. If you want, then you also apply a background color or upload an image for the background. When you have completed creating your logo, you can export it to your PC. In the free version, the logo will be downloaded as a regular PNG file and with low resolution (300 px / 75 DPI).

Free Logo Design:

Free Logo Design (homepage) is another simple online logo maker which can assist you to create good looking logos with stylish icons. When you browse this logo maker, it will simply ask you to enter your company name in an input field to proceed. Then you can explore all the predefined logo designs from 35+ categories like Agriculture, Pets, Automotive, Consulting, Communications, Computer, Dating, Education, Retail, Security, and more. After you choose a logo design, it will open up in the editor where you can customize the size of the logo, change the color of the logo, change the background, and edit the text associated with the logo.

It also comes with the options to search and add dozens of predefined icons and shapes to your logo design. Apart from that, you can also manually insert new text, change the size of the text, change font, alignment, etc. When you’re all set, you can download the logo as PNG file with a resolution of 200×200 pixels in the free version. It will actually send the logo to your registered email id from where you can download it.

Hipster Logo Generator:

Hipster Logo Generator is also a useful online logo maker using which you can create simple and stylish logos. To create a logo using this logo maker, the first thing you would need to do is choose any of the base shapes. Currently, it offers a few base shapes for you to use. In addition to that, it also comes with more than 25 predefined icons which you can select and add to your logo design. After that, you can proceed and add your logo text by selecting any of the predefined positions for the text like Single Line, Double Line, Large X Letters, Side Line, etc.

You can enter text with a maximum of 13 characters, set a custom font size, change the alignment of the text, and choose between different fonts. Then you will be able to change the color of the base shape, logo text, and also apply a background color. It even allows you to add a predefined background image to your logo design by applying different filters. When you’re done creating the logo, you can download it as a PNG file (transparent or with a background) having a resolution of 600×500 pixels for free.


LogoMakr is another online logo maker which allows you to create impressive logos with ease. It offers hundreds of predefined graphics which you can use to create your own logo. To find a graphic, you can type any keyword in the “Search Bar” at the top. After that, it will show all the keyword related graphics from which you can add anyone you like to your logo design. When you do that, you will be able to rotate, resize, and change the color of the graphic. Then you can use the toolbar on the left to add logo text, shapes, or use the paint bucket to add a background color.

After adding a text, you can change the text font, move, rotate, resize, and select any color for the text. The best feature of this online logo maker is that it allows you to manually choose the pixels before you download the logo as a transparent PNG file. Remember, even though you can create and download high-quality logos for free, you must give attribution to the website anywhere on the platform where you will use the logo. But this website seems pretty lenient with attribution, and you can give attribution on any page of your website, or even on your social media pages. So, attribution shouldn’t be a big problem.

LogoFactory Web:

LogoFactory Web is one of the simplest online logo makers which let you create a beautiful logo in just three simple steps. In the first step, it will ask you to choose a predefined graphic for your logo. You can choose the graphic from more than 590 predefined graphic designs. When you do that, you can go ahead and enter the logo text such as your company name, business name, etc.

After entering the text, you can choose different fonts for the text, change the font size, change text color, add shadow, and use various formatting options like bold, italic, alignment, etc. You can also add a subtitle if you want to the logo. In the last step, you can click on the “Download” option to export the logo as a JPG file on your PC.

The Free Logo Makers:

The Free Logo Makers (homepage) is also a free and simple online logo maker which can help you easily create logos. This one also offers hundreds of predefined logo designs which you can select and edit to make your own logo. To get started, you can simply visit the homepage of this logo maker and select any of the predefined logo designs. After that, you can completely customize the design like change color of the logo, edit logo text, move logo and text, etc. On the left, you will see a toolbar using which you can add various shapes like circle, rectangle, ellipse, and more to your logo design.

You can also add custom text, change the alignment of the text, resize, rotate, blur, and choose between different fonts for the text. It even comes with a pen tool and line tool, but I was unable to use them on my logo design. One of the unique and useful features of this logo maker is that it lets you hyperlink any text or icon on your logo design. After you have created a logo, you can go ahead and download it by feeding your email id. You will receive an email with the logo as transparent PNG file which you can save by right-clicking on it.

Free Logo Maker:

Free Logo Maker (homepage) can also be used to create simple logos online for free. It offers various predefined graphic images which you can use for creating a logo. After adding an image, you can adjust the transparency of the image and fill it with any color you want. Apart from that, you can also add shapes like triangle, circle, square, etc. and adjust their formatting options such as line, size, transparency, and more. It also comes with a text tool using which you can add new text, choose different fonts, change size & color, change alignment, make text bold, and also adjust transparency, spacing, and radius.

When you’re done adding a predefined image, shape, and text, you can arrange them as you desire. You can rotate, move, and align each element of the entire logo design. After you’re done, you can click on the “Save” button and then download the logo as a transparent PNG file.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best online logo makers which can help you create amazing logos and download them for free. They are perfect for creating a beautiful logo for your company, business, website, and so on. The only limitation which I think is crucial for all these online logo makers is that they don’t offer vector files for the logos in the free version or don’t offer at all. However, if you are just starting a business and want a quick free logo, then these websites will let you create a download professional looking logo completely free.

Try them out and let us know if you’re familiar with other free online logo makers.

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