10 Free Online Duplicate Line Remover Websites

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In this article, I will be introducing you to various free online duplicate line remover websites. These websites will help you remove duplicate lines from a list. Simply copy the list text and paste it in any of these tools. These tools will detect duplicate lines, remove them, and give you a list without duplicate lines. While some of the tools only provide option to remove duplicate lines, some give you various filtering options. These options let you ignore case sensitive text, sort list, remove/keep empty lines, and do more.

After going through this list, you will know about the features offered by these duplicate line remover tools. This will help you select the appropriate one for you. Let us check them out one at a time.

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Here Are The Online Duplicate Line Remover Websites

Pine Tools: Remove Duplicate Lines Online


Remove Duplicate Lines Online is a free duplicate line remover from Pine Tools. Here, you get the option if you want the line removal to be case sensitive or not. For the text output, you can set the option to keep capital letters in a line or not. If you want, you can also select the option to sort the lines alphabetically and remove the empty lines in the text. By default the removed duplicate text is also displayed.

Enter the text with duplicate lines in the Original Text section. After clicking on Remove option, the text with removed duplicate lines is displayed as result.


DeDupeList is a dedicated website to remove duplicate lines from a list. The options available here let you ignore capitals, keep blank space at line starts, and you can also choose to sort list alphabetically. Simply paste your text in the blank area and hit Submit button.

The result with duplicate line removed will be displayed right below the area where you entered the text.

TextMechanic: Remove Duplicate Lines

Remove Duplicate Lines is another simple web application which can remove repeating lines from a list. This tool also provides case sensitive duplicate line removal option. You can also opt to remove empty lines. Enter the text in the space provided and hit the button to Remove Duplicate lines. The duplicate lines will be removed instantly and the result will be displayed in the same box. Copy text to use it.

TextFixer: Duplicate Line Removal Tool

TextFixer provides a free tool named Duplicate Line Removal Tool for duplicate line removal. Here, you will not find the case sensitive option, but options to sort text are available. You can sort text alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, or Ascii sort text. Enter text in the space provided and click the option to Remove Duplicate Lines.

The fixed result is displayed in a box below. There’s an option, which you can click to copy the result to clipboard.

Textutils: Remove Duplicate Lines

Remove Duplicate Lines by Textutils provides pretty simple duplicate line remover option. Here, you can keep a single record or delete all duplicate lines while carrying out the process. That’s pretty much this online tool provides. Enter text in the Paste your input box, hit Submit and get the result in Output text box.

Miniwebtools: Remove Duplicate Lines

Remove Duplicate Lines by Miniwebtools is a duplicate line remover tool without any filter or sorting option. All you have to do is submit your text, and click the Remove Duplicate Lines button. You will get the result right away in the output box with duplicate lines removed. You can copy the text to use it anywhere you like.

List Scrubber Tool

List Scrubber Tool is an online duplicate line remover that comes with multiple options. Here, you can choose options to remove blank lines, sort lines alphabetically, make list alphanumeric, make list upper case, make list lower case, extract valid emails, and extract valid URLs. These options are available at the top of the space to enter text. After pasting the text and selecting options according to your choice, click on Run List Cleaner. You will get your text with deleted duplicate text right below the box.

Toolsvoid: Duplicate Lines Remover

Duplicate Lines Remover is provided by Toolsvoid to remove duplicate lines in a list. It again is another simple tool for duplicate line removal. Paste your text in the top box and click on Submit Now button. The processed text will be provided in the bottom box with removed duplicate lines. There are no case sensitive or filtering options in this tool.

Delete Duplicate Text

Delete Duplicate Text, as mentioned by the website, is one of the simplest duplicate text remover tools. There are no sorting or case sensitive options to select. Paste the text you have in the box provided and click Remove Duplicates option. The result will be displayed instantly in the same box with removed duplicate text.

List DeDuper

List DeDuper can be used to remove duplicates from list and to sort list lines. Paste the text in the pink box, and move on to select the options of your choice. The Space option sorts list lines separated by space. The line feed option sorts list alphabetically. Selecting the preface option adds – before each list line. Once done, click dedupe option to get the final result.

Closing Words

These online duplicate line remover listed above can be really helpful at times. Removing duplicate lines from a short list is easy, but when it comes to long lists, it becomes a hectic job. Thanks to these online tools, you can not only remove duplicate lines, but also sort lines according to your choice.

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