Download Free Meme Templates from These 7 Websites

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Do you love to create memes? If yes, then you should definitely visit these websites to download free meme templates. Using these 7 free websites, you can browse templates that are customizable. You can edit the image with text, size, color. etc. and download memes.

There are several online platforms that let you generate memes. But using these online meme generators, you don’t need to upload images and then add the text to the image. Here, all you need to do is to browse templates, customize them and download memes. You can also share meme templates on your social media profiles. Also, if you want to create a fresh meme then you can do that too.

Let’s start exploring templates and create memes.


download meme templates is a free website to download free meme templates. On this website, you can browse templates by popular and trending template categories.

When you visit the site, it shows templates with different background images. You can pick one template and start customizing it. To customize the template, you can add the text box and start typing the comment.

You can adjust the text box above/bottom side. Also, you can upload your image file to create a meme. Once done you can download the image. Then, you can share it on your social media accounts to make people laugh. The site requires you to sign up to save memes.

2. Kapwing

download meme templates

Kapwing is another website where you can download free meme templates. The site provides a good collection of memes. On this website, you can make video memes as well.

If you scroll the website page, it shows templates with different ideas. You can pick any of template and make it your own. You can then customize the template by adding your own text. Besides that, you can edit the text, color, background, etc., of the image. Then, you can save your memes to share.

3. Imgflip

download meme templates

Imgflip is a fast service to create a quick meme online. On this website, you can find meme templates based on different expressions. If you visit the website, it shows an option to upload the image. Next to it, you will see a search bar where you can browse templates for memes.

Just by adding keywords, you can find the relevant template for creating a meme. Then, you can add the text that goes with a template. You can also change the color of the text. Besides that, you can change the font size, style, alignment, etc. Thereafter, you can download the meme created by you.


download meme templates

DIY LOL is another website to download meme templates. You can easily generate your own meme using your creative mind. The site offers you several templates. You can browse and pick your favorite template to create a meme.

After this, all you need to do is add the top text and bottom text. Also, you can change the color of text and shadow. You can add more text box in the template. Once you’re done applying all the filters, you can preview the result and download the image.


download meme templates is an online platform to browse templates for memes. The site has a great collection of hilarious faces and dialogues. You can generate the meme by picking up a template with a funny background image.

The large collection of meme templates help you to be more creative. You can just simply add text and place on the right place of the image. Once you’re done, you can save your meme images and download the meme.

6. Imgur

download meme templates

Imgur is one of the good websites to download meme templates. On this website, you can upload your image to make a meme. Or, you can browse templates to customize a meme.

If you visit the website clicking on the mentioned link, it shows different templates. You can select a default meme template and start customizing it. You can change the text by adding your own ideas. After changing the text, you can save the meme to share on social media.

7. Make a Meme

download meme templates

Make a Meme can also be used as an online meme generator. You can browse meme templates here. If you land on the website, it shows a large collection of funny image.

To create a meme, you can pick one image and start editing it. To edit, you can add the top text, bottom text, and custom title. Once done, you can preview the result and download the meme.

In brief

If you find it hard to create a meme then the above-mentioned websites will help you. You can browse hundreds of meme templates. Also, you can customize templates by changing the text, color, shadow, and other available settings. Then, you can download memes created by you and use it on social media to make people laugh.

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