Best 5 Birthday Countdown App for Android Free

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Here is the list of best 5 birthday countdown app for Android free. Whether it’s your birthday month or your closed ones, we usually get excited for birthdays. But there are times when we forget someone’s birthday which can make them unhappy. Using these apps, you can remember everyone’s birthday and can be the first wisher for your family and friends.

Birthday countdown app will inform the birthday of your dearest people. In the meantime, you can prepare for surprises and birthday gifts. The app will also help you to be the first wisher. On these apps, you just need to set the timer along with the required details such as event name, date, time, etc. You can set the image as well. And then, you can start the countdown and surprise your friends.

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So let’s be on time to wish birthdays using a birthday countdown app.

1. Birthday Countdown

Birthday countdown Android app

Birthday Countdown is a free birthday countdown app for Android. This free app enables you to set the timer for your favorite human’s birthday in a precise manner.

Once you install the app, it shows the birthday countdown example on the home screen of the app. Similar to this, you can set your countdown for your dearest friends.

To do so, tap the +Add button on the top. At this point, you can add the name, birthday month, date and year. The image of a birthday person can also be set. You can change the color of the countdown wall. Then, you can save it. The app lets you set multiple birthday countdowns and choose different colors for each reminder.

And when the birthday arrives, it brings the wishes on your phone home screen. Then, you can wish your loved ones on time.

2. Birthday Countdown Widget

Birthday countdown Android app

Birthday Countdown Widget is another birthday countdown app to set birthday reminders. The app lets you create the countdown for a birthday or any other occasion.

When you open the app, it shows the random countdown which you can edit and create yours. You can tap on the menu and go to Create countdown. Here, you can add the image chosen from your phone gallery. Then, you can insert birth details like date and time.

You can set options on how your birthday will display on the phone screen. And to make it look beautiful, you can add the name, units like years, months, hours, minutes, seconds, font style, colors, and animations. You can add the music also. And wait for the birthday to come.

3. Birthday Countdown

Birthday countdown Android app

Birthday Countdown is one of the good birthday countdown apps for Android users. The app helps you to add upcoming birthdays in a perfect manner.

To insert the birth details, you can tap the Purple icon located in the bottom right. Then, you can enter the name, birth date, and image of the concerned person. Also, you can enable the notification for the countdown. Then, you can save it.

All the countdown record displays on your app home screen. The app sorts all the birthday and notifies you as per the birthday arrival.

4. Birthday Countdown

Birthday countdown Android app

Another Birthday Countdown app added in the list. This app lets you set a reminder for upcoming birthdays. It is quite easy to use the app and to send wishes on time to your loved ones.

The app requires you to add a few details. You can add the event title, i.e., birthday. If you wish, you can add the description for the specific event. After then, you can add the date, time, and add colors

You can enable the countdown in the notification bar. It also helps you to remember someone’s birthday naturally. Besides that, you can set the action for the birthday event. You can set the alert before the events. The time can be set like 15 minutes before or 12 hours before. It is quite an interesting feature as you can prepare for the surprises before the event occurs.

5. Birthday Countdown

Birthday countdown Android app

Birthday Countdown is the app that lets you set birthday countdown. You can use this app to calculate age in a few seconds.

When you launch the app, it prompts you to choose options if you want to calculate the age or set the birthday countdown. To set the birthday countdown, you can the basic details of the event. You can mention the name of the person whose birthday is about to come. Then, you can add birth date and time when you want to get notified. Once you start the countdown, it appears in the notification bar.

In brief

Birthdays are the easiest to forget. But if you use the birthday countdown apps, there is no chance to forget anyone’s birthday. These apps help you to set the reminders for your loved one’s birthday. It is quite helpful to wish someone on time or you can arrange surprise plans for them. So try these apps and celebrate birthdays.

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