Windows 8 Live Tile App To Add 3 Time Zone Live Clock At Start Screen

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Digital Live Tile Clock, is a free Windows 8 live tile app, that lets you add up to 3 different time zone clocks at Windows 8 start screen. As every one knows that the Windows lacks a live tile clock app in the Start Screen. So, this is an app that can help you quickly view the current time right from your start screen. The app completely makes use of the four tile re-sizing feature of Windows 8, and shows the time in pretty big digital form. Plus the app gives you a lot of options to customize the tile according to your choice and taste. You can set the color, format, font for the clock tile. And, add different effects on the tiles, like rounded or sharp corners, a glass effect, and background patterns on the tiles etc. And above all the app lets you add up to 3 different time zone clocks in the start screen, that gives you exact time.

Digital Live Tile Clock - clocks live tile at start screen

Add digital clock tile in Windows 8 Start Screen:

There’s no doubt that the app is useful. Now, in place of looking for current time at the bottom right corner of the screen, or going back to the lock screen in Windows 8, you can simply see the time right at the Start Screen. And it’s very obvious that you often open the Start Screen, whether to switch the apps or open a new app. So, it’s good to know the time right from the Start Screen. It’s very easy to work on this app. I liked the fact that the app has a clean UI. This, makes it easy to quickly set the time for the live tile.

Digital Live Tile Clock - clock settings

There’s nothing much in the screen, except the settings and previews of the tile. I liked the fact that the app shows real-time preview of the tile. This not only makes it easy for you to know how the live tile will look like, but also speeds up for you to choose the desired tile. The app gives a lot of choices to you for selecting the tiles design and looks, and this includes: color, format, font, show ‘off’ segments, rounded corners, glass, dimmer, and tone. Each of these further has their own respective choices to choose from. For example the color has 8 different color styles to choose, format has 4 different time formats. The fonts list is pretty big. There are 18 different fonts that you can choose from. I also liked the Tone option. It’s actually the background pattern of the app’s tile at the start screen. And gives you more option to customize the tile.

The default tile of the app at start screen, actually shows the system time. And if you want, the app also lets you add 3 more clock tiles at the start screen. This feature can be useful for those who have their friends and relatives in other parts of the world.

Digital Live Tile Clock - pinning clock to start screen

The app is made to make full use of the Windows 8 live tiles feature and the option to resize the tile’s size at the start screen. Using this features you can later change the sizes of pinned clock live tiles. So that you can see the time quickly and anytime you want.

That’s pretty much about this app. It’s pretty simple but is quite useful.

Key features of this Windows 8 Live tile app:

  • Freely available.
  • Simple to use but useful.
  • Add 3 live tile clocks at Start Screen that updates in seconds and shows time.
  • Multiple options to customize tiles.

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Final note:

Digital Live Tile Clock, is a good and handy Windows 8 live tile app. It’s functional and works without any lags. Besides that, it always helps you to stay in time. Though including analog clock would also have been nice. Still, all in all a good app to try. Download this Windows 8 live tile app from Tools Category in Windows Store, or get it here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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