Windows 8 Alarm App Added With Music Player, RSS Reader, Weather, More

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Alarm Clock HD, is a free Windows 8 alarm app. In place of just being a simple HD alarm clock app, it’s more than that. It is an ultimate Windows 8 alarm app added with different multimedia and utility apps. Besides just providing a HD alarm app that lets you set unlimited number of alarms, their respective notes, snooze time and tunes. It also gives toast notifications in your Windows devices screen, notifying you about the alarm and it’s note, and doesn’t stops until you yourself stop it or snooze it. Along with that this Windows 8 alarm app also shows a clock your current location time in HD, plus 3 other world clocks (New York, London, Tokyo), weather, currency exchange rates, internet radio, music player, RSS feed reader, Facebook Feed reader, Sleep timer, Flash Light, and lot more.

Alarm Clock HD - ui

The app has many uses. It’s not a too big sized app, and has a perfect combination of multiple apps, that you usually get separate in Windows Store. The features of this app doesn’t stop here, the coolest thing about this app is it’s pretty much customizable. You can set your own photo collection as app’s background, add-manage internet radio stations, audio files, adjust app’s brightness etc.

Set alarms, view time, play music, read news and Facebook feeds and do more using this Windows 8 alarm app:

Without giving any second thought, this is one of the best Windows 8 productivity app. The stuff that you can do using this one little app is what makes it a sought after app, and because of this it is pretty popular among Windows 8 users. It not only gives a cool looking clock along with useful widgets, system date, and inbuilt free HD backgrounds; but it gives you lot of options that you can do using the app. You can listen to internet stations or play your favorite music tracks stored locally or in SkyDrive. Plus it also gives the information about the weather at your location, plus the time, weather information, and currency exchange rates of three hubs of the world (New York, London, Tokyo). The exchange rate information is pretty useful, specially for people who are in business.

Not only the app is good for getting these aforementioned information, but it also keeps you continuously updated with what’s happening around you and in the world. It gives news feeds from popular news websites and sources right at the main screen. These news feeds are continuously updated, and get refreshed every 5 seconds that can customized by using the Settings Charm. Simply click on it and the app opens that particular feed right within the app; which is pretty cool thing. Plus another good thing about reading news feeds is, you can jump to next or previous feed from the same screen without even going back to main screen. In the same way the app also lets you connect to Facebook account and gives feeds in place of the news feeds. So, in a way the app is also a social app. However, Facebook doesn’t open in the app.

Alarm Clock HD - RSS feeds

You can also use the app for turning your Windows 8 device into a flashlight. There’s a button ”Switch On Flashlight” at the bottom flyout. To get the flyouts right-click on the screen. Besides that, these flyouts also consists of other powerful buttons that includes: Clock Brightness, Hide/Show Widgets, Sleep, Wake Up, Music Playlist, Radio Playlist, Themes/Background, Alarm, Refresh Content, Reset To Default Settings.

Alarm Clock HD - features and buttons

One of the best thing about this Windows 8 alarm app is all the features are pretty much customizable. There are instructions for each operation to get you familiarized with the app. Simply click on Music Playlist button, to add a new playlist and songs, and then edit or delete them later.

Alarm Clock HD - adding music and playlist

Similarly click on Radio Playlist to create your own radio stations playlist, and then manage or delete them. In order to set or change the background simply click Themes/Background button. And to set an alarm click on Alarms button. All the fields and buttons are very self-explanatory, and it won’t take time for you to use them.

Alarm Clock HD - adding new alarm

In order to get Facebook feeds, open up Settings Charm (Win + I). Then click on News Feeds. Change the Feeds Type drop down to Facebook Feeds. the app will ask you to login with Facebook credentials to connect you to Facebook. Once you do that you’ll start getting Facebook feeds at the main screen.

Alarm Clock HD - connecting to Facebook

Key features of this Windows 8 alarm app:

  • Freely available.
  • A really good Windows 8 alarm app with lots of functionalities.
  • Inbuilt music player with loop and shuffle features.
  • Inbuilt internet radio player.
  • Change apps background.
  • Integration with Windows 8 Settings Charm.
  • Live tile at start screen.
  • Great UI.
  • Extremely handy and easy.

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Final note:

Alarm Clock HD, certainly is a good Windows 8 alarm clock app. It’s functional, handy, and easy. The app does need internet connection to work fully. The integration with the other apps works well and makes it a hub using which you can do multiple tasks with just one app. Download this Windows 8 alarm clock app from Productivity Category in Windows Store or get it here.

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