Open Source iOS Firewall to Block App Tracking, Ads, Snooping on iPhone

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This article covers an open-source iOS firewall to block app tracking, ads, snooping on iPhone.

Lockdown is a free and open-source app using which you can block any domain or apps to share your data with third party services. You can also block the selected services to prevent tracking. The app provides a list of recommended domains that you can use to prevent tracking. Services like Facebook, Clickbait, Crypto Mining, Marketing Trackers, Snapchat Trackers, Ransomware, etc., can be blocked to share your data.

Lockdown app works faster and does wonder on your phone’s privacy. This app does not let you connect to any third party services and prevent from badware once it is detected. Not just this, you can also view the blocked services and share your stats with others to prevent them from trackers. Let’s explore the app and find out how the app works.

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activate the firewall and block trackers

Open Source iOS Firewall to Block App Tracking, Ads, Snooping on iPhone

To prevent tracking on your device, you can use the iOS firewall app. This is the world’s first open-source firewall app for iOS devices. You can easily search the app on the App Store for free and download it on your iPhone.

When the app is installed, you need to set up your account to use the app. For that, you can follow the mentioned steps below.

  • Once the app is downloaded, launch it.
  • Then, the app requires you to sign up. You can enter your email address and password to proceed.
  • Confirm your email to finish the setup.
  • Agree to the privacy policy after reading it and continue.

After you complete your account setup, you will see the two buttons on the homepage. One is for Firewall whereas the other one is for VPN/Secure Tunnel.

You can activate the Firewall button located above. And, you are all set. The app block all the bad or untrusted connections in all your apps on the phone. This particular feature is free to use.

select services to block

Below that, you can see the metrics. It helps you to be aware of the blocked actions by firewalls. You can find out how many services have been blocked today, this week or all the time.

You can also view the log. This helps you to know which connection was blocked in the previous day. And, then the log gets after a day.

Next to it, you can find the blocklist. This option lets you select which service you want to block. You can choose custom domains to block and services like Facebook, Clickbait, Crypto Mining, Marketing Trackers, Snapchat Trackers, Ransomware, etc.

Another button on the homepage is for private browsing and hide location and IP. If you want more privacy, you can enable this button and protect connections, hide locations, and anonymize your browsing.

The app has an option to add services in the Whitelist. Apart from this, you can share the stats with others. This way you can help others to block trackers and badware.

In brief

Lockdown is a good app to instantly block third party or untrusted services. Doing so you can prevent yourself from tracking and share your data or privacy with unwanted services. You just need to activate the button and the app does it all for you. The metrics and logs can also be seen to check what all services have been blocked. Download the app to maintain your privacy.

Download Lockdown app.

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