How To See Most Liked Comment on Any GitHub Issue

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This tutorial explains how to see most liked comment on any GitHub issue. With just a single click, you can jump to that particular comment which has received the most likes on a GitHub issue. This is helpful when the list of comments is huge. Although you can manually scroll down the list of comments under a particular issue and check which comment gets the most likes, this is not a good idea when tons of comments are there.

To see most liked comment on a GitHub issue, you need to use Chrome browser and a free extension, known as “Github Notable Comments“. This extension, after installation, provides a reaction sidebar that will appear on each GitHub issue you visit. Using that sidebar, you can navigate to the most liked comment with a single click.

accessed most liked comment with a single click

In the recording above, you can see that I was able to access the most liked comment with the help of this Chrome extension. Apart from that, this Chrome extension is also helpful to view a comment with most hearts, dislikes, most reacted comment, etc. You may use other options also. This tutorial has covered only most liked part of the extension.

How To See Most Liked Comment on Any GitHub Issue?

Step 1: Use the link available at the end of this tutorial. It will open the extension homepage and then you can install it.

Step 2: Open a GitHub project and then access Issues. From the list of available issues, select an issue of your choice.

select an issue

Step 3: Now you will see sticky sidebar of this extension on the left side. There you need to click on “Like” icon. It will immediately scroll the page to the most liked comment. It will also flash that particular comment.

click like icon in extension sidebar

That’s it! Use the same icon again whenever you need to view the most liked comment on some other GitHub issues.

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The Conclusion:

There must be a lot of GitHub issues you’re following which contain hundreds of comments. Finding the most liked comment manually is not convenient. Thankfully, this Chrome extension is there to make such task easier. Just one mouse click will help you see the most liked comment on any GitHub issue using this extension.

Get this extension.

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