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UpTo is a free Google Chrome extension to discover events related to sports, music concerts, TV shows, finance, horoscopes, etc., and keep track of upcoming events directly on your Google Calendar. It provides different calendars for different interests. You can follow any calendar of your choice. After this, list of all upcoming events of that calendar are provided on a sidebar within the Google Calendar.

From those events, you can choose events that you want to add on your Google Calendar. So, you won’t miss any of your favorite events, and can check for new events using this handy extension. It also lets you add your own calendar, but you need to create a free account on UpTo website.

follow calendars to keep track of upcoming events of your interests

Above screenshot shows the sidebar provided by this Google Chrome extension that shows upcoming events list of the calendar that I am following.

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How to Use This Chrome Extension to Keep Track of Upcoming Events for TV Shows, Sports, Music, etc.?

Install this Google Chrome extension using the link placed at the end of this review. After installation, open your Google account. Now open Google Calendar. You will find a sidebar on right side, like it is visible in the screenshot below. In that sidebar, two main tabs are available: Discover and Upcoming.


Discover tab is used to search for calendars provided by this extension. You can search for featured calendar, music concerts of artists, horoscope, holidays, lifestyle, finance etc. You can also search for calendars by city, by shows, etc. After exploring the calendars, you can follow any calendar of your interest.

discover calendars and follow

After this, switch to Upcoming tab. In this tab, you will see the list of all upcoming events of calendar(s) followed by you. With every single event, Add button is also visible. Clicking on that button will help you to add that particular event to the events list of your Google Calendar.

view upcoming events and add any event to your Google Calendar

Whenever you will open Google Calendar, no matter which Google account you have opened, you will see the sidebar of this extension with upcoming events.


This extension is really handy to keep track of the events of your favorite interest right from your Google Calendar. Just open Google Calendar and you will remain updated about upcoming events for your favorite sport, music concerts of favorite artist, etc.

Get UpTo Chrome Extension free.

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