Cat Extension for Chrome to Make Cats Run All Over Your Browser

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CatCatCatCaaaaaaaaaaaaat is a cute cat extension for Chrome to make cats run all over your browser. Who doesn’t like cats? Almost everyone loves these cute little things. We even spend lots of time watching cute cat videos on YouTube. So why not use an extension which let’s cats run havoc all over your Chrome browser. This is exactly what this fun little extension does as soon as you install it.

The extension is called CatCatCatCaaaaaaaaaaaaat, the last cat with so many a’s in it is just to emphasize that there will be lots of cats on your screen. Installing this extension will release all the cats on your browser.

Let’s see how this Chrome extension works.

First of all you need to install this extension from the Chrome webstore. You can also get a link for this extension at the end of this article. On the webstore page click the add this extension button. A pop up notification comes up to confirm adding of this extension. Just like the one seen in the screenshot below.

Click on add button on this pop up. Once the extension is installed you will get a notification that this extension has been added, just like the one seen in the screenshot below.

Once added it will start working immediately and you will see cats running all over your browser. You can go to any website and cats would still follow you there. Cats would run around the screen, leave paw prints on your screen, even knock out things from your screen like title bars, words, etc. You can see in the below screenshot how the browser will look after installing this extension.

A small paw print icon will appear on your browser bar. Click this paw icon to manage settings of this extension. The extension settings window can be seen in the screenshot below.

On this settings window you can turn this extension on or off. You can also select if you want this extension to work on all websites, on specific websites, or on click only. You can also allow this extension to work in incognito mode.

Above is a small GIF I made of cats running all over my Chrome browser.


CatCatCatCaaaaaaaaaaaat is a real fun extension to have on your Chrome browser, that is, if you are a fan of cats. Seeing the cute cats run over the browser and leaving their paw prints makes my browsing experience better. This extension gets added to my Chrome browser for its high cuteness level. Do try it out.

Check out this Chrome extension here.

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