2 Free CDR to EPS Converter Software for Windows

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This post mentions 2 free CDR to EPS converter software for Windows. These software take a CDR file from you and help you convert it to an EPS file without any fuss. You can tweak some input and output setting in this software during the CDR to EPS conversion. After you get the generated the EPS file you can open that in any online EPS viewer and see if the conversion was sucesful. The software I have added here are popular to some extent as well and you may have heard about them as they can do literally much more than just CDR to EPS conversion.

CDR is the proprietary file format used by the Coral Draw software to save the graphics file. This is analogous to PSD files which are saved by the Photoshop. If for some reasons, you want to convert a CDR file that you have to an EPS file which stands for “Encapsulated PostScript” then the software mentioned here will help you. CDR to EPS conversion can be beneficial in case you don’t have Coral Draw and the software you have supports EPS file. With the simple software mentioned here, you can quickly get EPS out of a CDR file and then use that however you want.

2 Free CDR to EPS Converter Software for Windows:


Inkscape is a popular graphics creator and maker software you probably heard of. Inkscape can open a lot of file formats for viewing and editing. Luckily one of those formats is CDR. You can open a CDR file like any other graphics file and then use some editing tools to modify it. Inkscape comes with some basic and advanced editing tools that you will like. After opening a CDR file, you can simply export it as an EPS file to any location on your PC.

When you save a CDR file as an EPS file via Inkscape, it asks you to specify text output options and adding rasterize filter effects. You can specify some other optional parameters and simply export current CDR as EPS.

For CDR to EPS conversion, open an input CDR file in Inkscape. If you want to edit it first then you can use the different tools and do what you want. All the tools are aligned on the right sidebar that you can see in the screenshot below.

Inkscape open a CDR file

Now, use the File > Save As option and then simple save the current file as EPS. Choose EPS as the output format and then give a name to the new file and export it. It is simple as that. Just before saving the file as EPS, it will ask you to specify some parameters that you can enter accordingly.

Inkscape save as EPS

In this way, you can use Inkscape as a free CDR to EPS converter software. All you have to do is just open a CDR and simply save it EPS file without any fuss. In my case I noted that the final EPS file can be larger than the input CDR.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice is a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office which is very popular among the Linux community. It is available for Windows an MAC as well and has almost all the application that Microsoft Office has. One of the apps which comes included in LibreOffice is the Draw application. It is a simple and powerful application that can open a lot of graphics formats and can even edit them. Not only that but it can convert those graphics format to one another as well and supports CDR to EPS conversion.

For dead simple CDR to EPS conversion via Draw, you just open a CDR file in Draw and then simply save it as EPS file on your PC. And you can do that on all platforms with ease. While saving a file as EPS, it lets you opt for options similar to what I mentioned in context of Inkscape. Simple open a CDR file in Draw and then you can do some basic editing if you want to.


Now, you simply use the File > Export option to save the current CDR file as EPS. Choose EPS as the output format and then it will show you some options for the output EPS file such as size, type, compression, and color. You can specify these options and then save the EPS file to do what you want with that.


In this way, you can convert a CDR file to EPS using LibreOffice Draw. Just a few clicks is all you need for the conversion of CDR file and you can use this application for converting other files as well that it supports out of the box.

Closing words

These are the only free software I could find for the CRD to EPS conversion. If you are looking for some free tools to convert a CDR file to EPS then you have come to the right place. You can choose anyone from these two I have mentioned above. Both these software offer a simple method for converting a CDR file to EPS. Personally, I will recommend you to use Inkscape as it is a more sophisticated graphic processing tool among its users.

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