Windows 10 Classic Mahjong Game App with Village Building

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Mahjong Village is a free Windows 10 classic Mahjong game app with lots of new tile types, more that 100 levels to play and building a village. This is a classic Mahjong game where you have to match two same tiles to wipe them off the board. Once you are able to make pairs for all the tiles on the board, your level will be complete.

The Windows 10 classic Mahjong game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app for the first time you will come across a interface like shown in the below screenshot.


Click the play button to start the game. Once you do that you will be taken to the level selection screen which looks like the screenshot below.


You start with level one and make your way through to the next by completing the previous level. You are given 5 lives or tickets and you lose a life when you are not able to complete a level.


You can see your game play board in the screenshot above. Each level has a goal which is displayed to you at the beginning of the game. You can keep a check on your score from the left side of the screen. Now you have to match or make pairs of two same tiles to eliminate them from the board.

The coins and gems you earn on completing a game can be used to build your hometown, as shown in the screenshot below.


When you build your home town you will earn special bonuses as displayed at the bottom of the screen. For example the whirlwind icon will let you reshuffle the tiles when you are out of moves. The magnet bonus will eliminate all tiles of a pattern from the game. These can come in handy at times when you are stuck.

After a few levels the game does get a bit more challenging, and you will come across levels which are timed and you have to finish them within the given time. So be ready for lots of fun and challenging levels as you go forward.

Features of this Windows 10 classic Mahjong game app:

  • Classic Mahjong game.
  • More than 100 levels to play.
  • New tile types like stone, metallic, and magic tiles.
  • Build your home town to collect bonuses.
  • Earn coins and gems from the game which can be used to build your home town.
  • Special powerups can be earned by building your hometown.


Mahjong Village is a fun game of Mahjong with a twist. Along with Mahjong you are also building a village to earn bonuses. For people who love and enjoy playing the classic Mahjong game for hours, this game will be a treat as it offers something new with the classic. So try it out.

Check out Mahjong Village for Windows 10 here.

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