Page Fault Monitoring Software to See Process with Most Page Faults

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Desktop Info is a free system monitoring software that can be used for page fault monitoring as well. Just like other hardware and system monitoring tools, it shows a widget on the desktop with realtime statistics. And one of those statistics is the page fault status. It can show you overall page faults status on your computer and the name of the process with most page faults. If you want to know the status of page faults on your system for some reasons then this is a very good free software that you can use.

A page fault is an important topic in the context of operating systems. A page fault occurs when a program requests some data that is not currently in actual memory. Or, this happens when the operating system can’t find data inside virtual memory. Page faults keep happening in the computer all the time and if you want to see their status then you can use the Desktop Info software mentioned here. Also, apart from page fault status, it shows various other systems parameters such as hard disk status, ethernet status, and memory status all in realtime.

Desktop Info Page Faults

How to See Process with Most Page Faults with this Page Fault Monitoring Software?

Using Desktop Info software is very simple, you just have to run it directly after downloading it from here. It will automatically start showing you the default system information there. But in default information, the most page faulty process is not displayed. In order to see that, you will have to tweak its configuration file a bit. This is another very nice feature of this software that you can customize its UI so that the widget will only show what you want it to show.

So, just right-click on its title bar and then you can simply open the configuration file. In the file, you just need to add the following line just below the “PAGEFAULTSs” and then you are done.

TOPPROCESSPF=active:1,interval:10,font-size:80%,color:b0ffb0,counter:pu,text:Top page faults,display:%1 (pid:%2) %3[1.1b]B

Desktop Info configuration

Desktop Info

Just refresh the software and then it will start showing you the process name that has most page faults. After that, you can just sit back and relax and let it do its work. It will keep showing you the system status along with the page fault status.

The final output that this widget shows regarding the page faults in your computer is shown in the screenshot I have added in the beginning. Of course, this tiny software is much more than that and you can see some other nice features on its main homepage.

Final thoughts

Page faults happen in the computer so frequently but there are not so many tools to monitor them. Even though there are a lot of system monitoring software out there but they don’ really show the page fault stats. So in case, you want to see the realtime status of the page faults on your desktop then you can use Desktop Info. And if you know of some other nice free software for the same purpose then you can tell me in the comments.

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