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HillyDilly is a free website to discover new music and artists which upload their songs on SoundCloud. The website is focused only upon presenting the undiscovered music and artists in front of you. You will find the artists and music of all genres on the website. It also has an option for listening to random songs based upon your mood like Happy, Sad, Party, Work, Sing Along, etc..

You can mark songs as favorite, add to playlist and even mark favorite to playlists created by others. The website is not only about listening to undiscovered music or artists. It also includes a brief info on each of the artists along with the story behind selection of the particular artist to the website.


Using this Free Website to Discover New Music, Artists:

You can listen to any song or artist on HillyDilly with or without a registered account with the website. However, if you choose to skip the registration, you won’t be able to mark songs favorite, make playlists, and follow playlist of others. I will write the review with the assumption that you are registered with the website. So, if you aren’t registered, you won’t find the account-specific options.

On successful login to the HillyDilly, you will find the options at left sidebar: Music, Popular, Playlists, HD Selections, HD Discoveries, and Shows. Click on Music option to get the list of songs as shown in the screenshot below. For each song, you can check the song name, artist name, song written by, music tags and a brief info about the artist. The heart icon is for marking the song as favorite and + icon is for adding it to playlist.

List of Songs

Clicking on the name of artist’s name will take you to that artist’s page. From here, you can read more about the artist and check all of his other songs. You will also find a link to that artist’s official social media accounts.

Artist Profile Page

This way, you can browse all other options to get the list of that specific type of songs. Apart from these options, you will see the home screen of the website along with banner at top which includes icons for different moods. You have to click on the mood which describes your mood best and the website starts playing songs randomly.

Choose Mood

Whenever you will play any songs, you will see the music playback interface at the top. You will see the options to play/pause, previous/next, mark favorite, volume control, and shuffle the songs.

Music Playback Interface

There are also some profile specific options which let you manage your profile on the website. You can access these options by either clicking on the icon at bottom left or by simply typing in the URL:

It will take you to the interface shown in the screenshot below. From here, you can check your favorite, playlists, and playlist that you marked as favorite. The option for creating the playlist is also available within the Playlist where you just have to give the name.

Your Profile

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Final Verdict:

HillyDilly is an awesome website to discover new music and artists. I really liked the website as it delivers to its promises. I like the feature of listening of songs on the basis of mood which is really good. Do give it a try if you are a music lover or you just love to listen to new artists or songs.

Try HillyDilly here.

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