Free Team Feedback Tool for Remote Teams with Slack Integration: Matter

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Matter is a free team feedback tool to let you post feedback to the team members and request one from them as well. It is a tool especially designed for remote teams to create a healthy and positive relationship between teammates. It gets integrated fully into Slack and you can send kudos or appreciation privately to any tea member. Others can do the same for you and all you have to do is create a free account.

You can create a workspace corresponding your Team’s Slack channel and then invite all your teammates. You can choose skills you want to get feedback on and later analyze them as you receive feedback from others. Also, it lets you can opt to leave a public or private feedback right from Slack or from the Matter website. It will also send email notifications along with Slack notificati0ons when you receive feedback from your team.

Apart from regular feedback, you can also opt for periodic feedback. Matter allows you to establish a feedback culture in your team by automatically lets you post feedback to employees weekly, monthly, and quarterly, and yearly. You will receive the feedback in a dedicated channel that it will help you create when you sign up.

Team Feedback Tool for Remote Teams with Slack Integration Matter

Free Team Feedback Tool for Remote Teams with Slack Integration: Matter

Go ahead and then simply sign up for a free account on the main Matter website. During the sign-up, it will ask you to specify some information about you. Basically,  here you will have to specify the skills on which you’d like to get people feedback on.

Matter Select Skills

Proceed further by adding it to Slack. Just authorize it and then let it access your Slack workspace. After that, you only have to invoke this app from any Slack channel using the “/matter” command.

Matter Auth Slack

Call this app in Slack when you want to send someone feedback. Also, you can send kudos and even request feedback from others as well. To send feedback, you just select, you just select 1 or multiple people and then simply enter a custom message with a feedback template.

Matter Give a Feedback

The feedback will be posted in the “matter” channel in case it is a public one and you can send feedback like this to anyone. The private feedback will be sent via Matter bot and will only be visible to the other participant. Also, you can do the same thing from the Matter app’s UI in case you are not using Slack. A notification will be sent to the user for whom you left the feedback.

Matter feedback received and Dashboard

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful web and Slack app to create a healthy and positive environment in your company and team. Appreciation can boost the confidence of your teammates, and that in turn will help you boost the productivity.

Closing thoughts:

Matter is an amazing and a must app for any team and an organization. It provides a very good way to establish and healthy relationship among teams and also encourage you to do more based on the feedback you get. The free plan only offers 3 feedback templates, but if you subscribe to the paid plan then everything will be unlimited. What I liked most about it is that you can use it within Slack and as a standalone web app.

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