Download Free SVG Illustrations Royalty Free with these 5 websites

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In this blog post, you can download free SVG illustrations royalty free images. For that, I’m mentioning 5 websites where you can find an amazing collection of SVG illustrations. The images can be used for your landing page, email newsletters, blog post, etc. You can use SVG images freely provided by these sites for your commercial or personal use with no attribution.

All the sites have something interesting. The first two sites are very similar. You can change the color of images before downloading. Then, you can get the illustration in the same shade with SVG format. Also, you can use the search bar to find the image related to a specific subject. The third site has illustrations in SVG as well as PNG format. You can download the single pieces like outfit, body, head, objects, etc. Fourth one provides you SVG illustrations in gradient colors. You can change the color separately of hair, object, outfits, etc. Thereafter, you can download the images in SVG format. The last one has good variety of free SVG icons where you can change colors as well. You can also download royalty free illustrations that include JPEG, PNG, SVG formats.

Let’s go through each website and download free SVG illustrations.

1. ManyPixels

Download Free SVG Illustrations

ManyPixels is a free SVG illustration website. The images provided by this site can be used in commercial and non-commercial purpose. There is no need for the attribution. Using this site, you can edit the vector image, change color before downloading the file.

When you visit the site, you will see the collection of vector images. There is a search bar where you can directly find an image for a specific subject. Also, you can scroll down to find the appropriate image that fits your needs. There are good enough results which you can use for projects, landing page, blogs, etc.

The interesting feature about this site is that you can change the color of SVG illustrations. For that, you can click the colored box located before the search bar. Then, you can change the color of the images and download the SVG file in the color you want.

2. UnDraw

Download Free SVG Illustrations

UnDraw is another free SVG illustration website. This is very similar to the above-mentioned site. You can find SVG images that can be relatable for your office work. The site does not require attribution which means you are free to use images from this site. So, you can use SVG illustrations in a commercial and non-commercial way.

There is a search bar on the top right where you can find images that can be appropriate for your purpose. And before the search bar, there is an option to change the color. In this way, you can download SVG images in different color and make your work impressive.

3. Humaaans

Download Free SVG Illustrations

Humaaans is a website where you can find a good collection of SVG illustrations. You can use these illustrations for commercial or personal use under CC Attribution.

When you visit the website, you will see an option titled Get the Library. You can click on that and it takes you to the Dropbox page. There is a folder named Public Humaans Library. The folder has different categories which include the human body, their different positions like sitting, standing, etc.

The folder named Flat assets has two subfolders that contain humans and their single pieces. The human’s body is available in SVG and PNG format mixed together. You can direct download the file on your computer. Also, you can save the file in your Dropbox account.

The single pieces folder contain body parts like head, body, objects, scene, and bottom. In this way, you can create your own SVG illustrations by using single pieces of illustrations.

4. IRA Design

Download Free SVG Illustrations

IRA Design is another good option to find SVG illustrations. There are an amazing collection of gradient images. You can also change the color of designs. The images can be downloaded as SVG, AI, and PNG format. You can download the collection of SVG images and use it for free under MIT license.

The site has five gradient colors. You can change the color for trousers, pants, object, and hair of the character. When you choose colors, all the design automatically changes its color.

If you scroll down the page, you will find the characters (woman, man, girl or boy body), objects, and backgrounds. You can download images in SVG and PNG format.

5. IconShock

Download free SVG illustrations

IconShock is a website where you can search free SVG icons in variety. The site is basically a SVG colorizer. There are more than 30 categories that belong to different ideas such as accounting, networking, multimedia, food, transportation, 3D graphics, sports, education, human body and so on.

When you open the website, you will see the drop down from where you can find the aforementioned categories. After selecting a specific category, the site displays several icons related to that category in the interface. On the left, you will find color palette in the same color but with different shades. Once you click on a palette, all the icon changes its color in the same shades which looks quite interesting.

You can create your own color as well. For that, click on New+ on the left and choose one shade from all and create your own. Thereafter, you can hit the Download button located on the top tight. In just one click, the file gets download in zip.

In brief

SVG images are good to use for your office work and other projects. The graphic image looks creative and it makes your work look interactive and attractive. The above-mentioned sites have human body illustrations in different positions. You can download the images in SVG format and use for your personal and commercial purpose without attribution. There are other websites also that provide SVG illustrations but they might require attribution. But here I  have mentioned only which you can use freely.

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