Create Interactive Stories Online with Multiple Possible Endings

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] us a free online website to create interactive stories online with multiple endings. This is like any other online story writing websites but with more advanced features. Here it offers you a very nice Canva like interface where you can create your story by designing a cover picture and other pages of your story book. Most of the tools on this websites work by simple drag and drop operations. You can add different background in your story, images, animated characters and it even allows you to background music to your story. You can discover the stories by others and even publish your story and get noticed.

While creating a story on this story writing website, you can opt transfer flow. For example, if you want to have multiple endings in your story then either going sequentially, you can make a user choose what he wants to read. You can add different options on a page to move further in a story. And you can link the different parts of the story with the help of functions that it lets you implements. You can add different buttons and define custom actions on them.

Create Interactive Stories Online with Multiple Possible Endings

Using this Story Writing websites to Create Interactive Stories Online with Multiple Possible Endings:

The story creation part of is very simple and anyone can use that easily. But using the advanced features like Event Graph one has to understand that first. Though this tool has made it very easy to do that. You just have to connect different blocks to define what to do when something happens.

The following steps will guide you how to use this Story creator with multiple endings.

Step 1: Go to homepage of and then sign up for a free account. After that, you can fill your profile and then go to the editor interface and create a story. In the beginning, you will have to create the cover for your story. You can create that using the different elements. See the screenshot.

Elementari interface

Step 2: Now from page 2, you can start creating your story. You can add the different characters from the Image section. And from the Text section, you can add the text for the story. For the text of the story, you can choose different customization option. You can change the font, font size, and then font color easily.

add images and other interactive components

Step 3: On each page, after defining the layout of the text, images animations, you can switch to the “Even Graph”. Here you can specify the different actions to be performed according different conditions. For example, you can see the following screenshot. here I want to move a user when he clicks on the second button.

create flow of the story

You can add the actions on the different buttons and all the changes that you make automatically saved. After you’re done with your story, you can simply publish that. Also, before publishing, if you want to add some music in the background then you can do that. After you have published your story, it will visible to your friends and to the community. You can track the analytics to see how many people watched that.

That is all you have to do to use this simple online story creation tool. You can create an interactive story in a few minutes and publish that. So, create your story as much interactive as you want. You will find all the tools for that.

Closing thoughts is no doubt one of the best free online story making tool out there. You can easily create an interactive story and if want to multiple endings in your story and then it offers you different tools to manage that. So, if you are looking for an interactive story creator that lets you manage s troy with multiple endings then you can give this a try.

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