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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free online communication tool with features like team chat, private chat, file sharing, and more. Using this communication tool, you will be able to easily create private teams and then invite team members for a chat. It lets you invite as many team members as you want. Apart from team chat, this website also allows you to do private chat with specific team members. While having a chat, you will also be able to share files like images, videos, documents, etc. with team members. Another useful feature is that you can jot down notes for important discussion, ideas, etc.

There are many other online team communication services available like Zoho Cliq, Riot, Slack, Ryver, etc., which come with additional features to do video chat, audio chat, screen share, etc. But, if you would like to simply chat with your team and share files, then using is one of the best choice for you.

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Using This Team Communication Tool for Chat, File Sharing:

To get started, all you gotta do is visit the homepage of this website and then create a new account. After that, the main dashboard will open up and you can proceed to create your team.

How to Create a Team and Invite Team Members:

To create a team, simply click on the “+” icon associated with the “Teams” option on the left. After that, a popup will appear where you can enter the team name and then set the status as active.

When you have created the team, you can now proceed to invite team members. To do that, simply go to the “My Room” and then send invitations to others for joining Once they do that, click on “Teams” and then select the “Settings” icon associated with any team. After that, select the “Add/Remove Members” option. Then you can choose any of the members whom you have invited earlier.

How to do Team Chat:

After you’re done with creating a team and inviting team members, you can proceed to do team chat. For that, all you gotta do is simply click on the team name on the left and then a chat screen will appear.

Now, you will be able to send text messages by typing anything in the message input field. Apart from text, you can also send emojis and even mention any team member to any specific message. To do that, you can simply add “@” followed by the username to the message. There are other useful options available using which you can mark messages as unread, like, forward, and favorite messages, etc.

How to do Private Chat:

In addition to team chat, you can also chat privately with specific team members. To do that, simply click on the “My Room” option on the left. After that, you will see a “Start Chat” option associated with each team member. Simply, select this option and then you can start a private chat with the user.

How to Share Files with Team Members:

While having a team chat or private chat, you will be able to share various files including images, videos, documents, and even links with the team members. For that, you would need to simply click on the “Attachment” icon on the left of the message input field. Then choose the file that you want to share from your PC.

How to Add Personal Notes:

This online communication tool also comes with the option to create personal notes with ease. These notes are not visible to the team members. To create a note, all you gotta do is click the “+” icon associated with the “Notes” option on the left. After that, a note editor will open up where you can type anything you want, add images, links, do text formatting, and so on. This way you can create and save as many notes as you want for free.

Closing Words:

Personally, I think “” is a pretty simple online communication tool that can help you have seamless team chat or private chat with team members. The option to add notes and share files make this tool more useful. Even though it lacks some of the critical team communication features like video chat, audio chat, screen sharing, etc., it is still useful in case you only want to chat and share files with your team.

Try” from here.

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