AI Audio Detection to know if Audio is Human or AI Generated

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Ai-Spy is a free website which offers AI audio detection feature to let you know if an audio is human or AI generated. This app could be of great help with all the AI generated content floating around the internet. It could help you know whether an audio you are listening to or interacting with is a human being or an AI generated audio.

The issue I had with this app was it did not work with music audio files generated using AI and AI read scripts were also not detected by this app. But it was able to detect a conversation between a human and AI. So it is fit for audio conversations you are having with someone like customer service, or help desk. In these cases you will be able to know if you were talking with a human or was it AI on the other end of the conversation.

You would be required to make a recording of your conversation and upload it to the website in MP3 format for it to work. As this website is in beta testing phase and its the very first version they have released of this app, we can definitely expect improvements in the future versions.

How to use Ai-Spy:

For this go to the link provided at the end of this article. The link will take you to the homepage of Ai-Spy, which will look like the screenshot below.

When you click on the “try for free” button, you will taken to another page where you will be asked to login using your Google account.

Once you have logged in you will see a screen like the one shown below.

You can drag and drop an audio file on this interface, or you can even browse and select a file by clicking in the box. Once you upload the file you will see two buttons on your screen, like seen in the screenshot below.

Click the ‘Run Model’ button to start the evaluation process. If the file is human generated then you will get a green colored message at the bottom as can be seen in the screenshot below.

If the audio is AI generated then you will get a red colored message at the bottom as can be seen in the screenshot below.


Ai-Spy is a pretty good app to detect AI audio. It is one app which will come handy in today’s scenario where you can’t really make out what is real and what is AI. I just hope that the developers add more audio support to the app like AI generated music files or AI generated narrations in audio.

Check out Ai-Spy here.

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