10 Free Online JavaScript Beautifier / Unminifier / Decompressor

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Here, is a list of 10 free online JavaScript Beautifier to decompress / unminify / deobfuscate / unpack JavaScript files.

Have you ever came across a situation where you were trying to figure out a bug in your program and the JavaScript included in the file has been minified or obfuscated? Finding bugs in a minified code is nearly impossible, since a line of code which is almost millions of characters long is barely readable. In that case, you need some JavaScript Beautification tool that can reformat the code for you, making it more organized and readable.

Though the terms JavaScript beautifier, Decompressor, and Unpacker are used interchangeably, there is a slight different between “compress”, “minify”, and “pack” JavaScript code. Compression removes comments and extra white spaces from the code, Minification replaces and shortens variable names and arguments, while Packing goes one step further, encodes the JavaScript functions, and does whatever it can to minimize the size of the file. In order to read these compressed / minified /  packed files, you need a good,  multi-functional JavaScript Beautifier.

There are plenty of online tools available that can beatify your JavaScript code, and we have found a bunch of 10 such tools that can beautify / unminify / decompress / unpack /  deobfuscate JavaScipt code. Have a look and give them a try.



JSBeautifier is a free JavaScript beautifier can beautifyJavaScript and HTML code. It’s a handy and reliable tool that quickly formats your minified or obfuscated JavaScript code and converts it into human readable format. The code beautification includes proper indentation, line wrap, and parsing the untidy code into component structures like conditional blocks, loops, etc.

JSBeautifier is also available as a command-line tool, python library, and a node package. Click on the link below to try out JSBeautifier now.

Try here: Click here to check out JSBeautifier.

Pretty Diff:

pretty diff

Pretty Diff is an absolutely amazing, multi-functional tool that can perform file comparison, code minification, and code beautification on various file formats. It’s a safe tool that runs entirely on client machine without leaking any data over the internet. Pretty Diff supports JavaScript, CSS, CSV, HTML, JSON, JSTL, markup, SCSS, SGML, and XML files. Plus, it provides auto-detect code feature to automatically detect the type of code and apply formatting on it.

Pretty Diff offers a unique interface with different theme options. It beautifies the JavaScript code quickly and produces the results in blink of an eye. You can either choose files stored on your system or directly copy-paste text to beautify JavaScript code. Pretty Diff is safe and smart, and a must try for beautifying JavaScript code.

Try here: Click here to check out Pretty Diff.

JS Pretty:

js pretty

Next in the list is JS Pretty, a free and easy to use tool that can minify, obfuscate, and unminify JavaScript and JQuery code. It offers three different tools, including a JavaScript and JQuery Prettier that makes your code look pretty by structuring the code into an organized formatby  applying proper tab spacing and indentation on it.

JS Pretty has the ability to detect code packers and obfuscators, thus it quickly beautifies your JavaScript code and makes it easily readable again. Check it out now and give it a try.

Try here: Click here to check out JS Pretty.

Vitzo JavaScript beautifier:

vitzo javascriipt beautifier

Vitzo JavaScript beautifier is another free tool that beautifies JavaScript code. It’s an extremely simple and easy to use tool that beautifies the source code written in JavaScript and makes it easier to read.

Vitzo JavaScript beautifier doesn’t provide much options, except for the tab spacing and indentation  and lets you enter code just by copy-pasting text in the input area. It then re-formats the code and makes it look prettier and easier to understand. Click on the link below to try out this free JavaScript Beautifier.

Try here: Click here to check out Vitzo JavaScript beautifier.

JavaScript Unminifier:

total number of bytes and number of lines after beautify

JavaScript Unminifier is a free and simple to use tool to beautify JavaScript code. It’s a handy and reliable tool developed to unmify or deobfuscate code which has been minified or obfuscated.

You can simply paste your ugly JavaScript code in the text area to re-format it with proper indentation and missing new line characters. The beautified code will be displayed along with total number of bytes and number of lines present in the output. Check out JavaScript Unminifier now and give it a try.

Try here: Click here to check out JavaScript Unminifier.



Next is Minify, another free tool for minifying and beautifying JavaScript code and CSS style sheets.  This simple tool can minify (compress) or unminify (decompress) your JavaScript file in three easy steps. All you have to do is to select the operation (unminify in this case), then tweaking options (indentations, loop braces, empty lines), and then paste code and press the “Generate” button.

This will quickly unminify the JavaScript code and generates formatted code which you can copy to the clipboard for reuse. Click on the link below to try out Minify.

Try here: Click here to check out Minify.

DevGizmo JavaScript Beautifier:

javascript beautifier

DevGimzo JavaScript Beautifier is a free online JavaScript Beautifier that beautifies the source code written in JavaScript. It’s a simple and easy to use application that quickly beautifies the JavaScript code and makes it prettier.

DevGimzo JavaScript Beautifier provides an input text area where you can paste your source code and then press the “Beautify” button. After beautification, the code will be displayed in an output box just below the input box.

This free JavaScript beautifier is much similar to the JS Pretty tool we have covered above and provides the same set of formatting features as JS Pretty.

Apart from JavaScript Beautifier, DevGimzo also provides a very simple JavaScript Unpacker which you can also check if you have packed JavaScript code. This will be listed under the JavaScript tools listed on the top, along with other tools including a minifier, obfuscator, and compressor.

Update 2022: This website doesn’t exist anymore. Other websites mentioned in this post.

Online JavaScript Beautifier:

online javascript beautifier

Next in the list is Online JavaScript Beautifier. This handy tool re-formats the JavaScript code to make it easily readable. Though it doesn’t list out any feature as an option on the interface, it automatically applies indentation, structural formatting, and loop bracing on the source code.

Online JavaScript Beautifier is simple, easy to use, and fast. Click on the link below to try it now.   

Try here: Click here to check out Online JavaScript Beautifier.

Javascript unpacker and beautifier:

javascript unpacker and beautifier

JavaScript unpacker and beautifier is a simple web app that unpacks and deobfuscate ugly JavaScript code. It can quickly re-format and re-indent your packed or minified JavaScript code and convert it into organized and more prettier format.

JavaScript unpacker and beautifier is also available in command line version, the details of which you can get on its homepage. Click on the link below to visit this free JavaScript beautifier.

Try here: Click here to check out Javascript unpacker and beautifier.

JavaScript Unpacker by Matthewfl:

javascript unpacker 01

Last in the list is JavaScript Unpacker by Mathhewfl. It’s a free web app that quickly unpacks the packed JavaScript code and makes your code look prettier and easy to understand. Check it out and give it a try.

Try here: Click here to check out JavaScript Unpacker.

These were some of the free online JavaScript Beautifiers I have found so far. If you come across something similar, don’t forget to join the conversation in comments.

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