Free Website SEO Checker to Analyze Websites in same way as Google

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Spotibo is a free website SEO checker to analyze websites in same way as Google. Here it uses the algorithms like Google to scan web pages of the specified website and get the results. Using this tool, you can either scan a list of websites or just a specific link to see the results. In the free plan, it lets you check 50 websites and 500 links per month.

It basically analyzes the SEO parameters like heading and title tags, image alt attributes, mobile friendliness, page load time, metadata, internal links, and external links on the web page. However, despite generating a beautiful report, there is no option to export that. You can just see the report and analyze that.

Checking SEO parameters of your website is essential for its better ranking on search engines. But manually auditing SEO parameters is not a good idea and that’s why you can use SEO checker tool. And one of those tools is Spotibo which generates a detailed report about a webpage. You can analyze the results that it produces and then improve the SEO of your websites accordingly.

Free Website SEO Checker to Analyze Websites in same way as Google

Using this Free Website SEO Checker to Analyze Websites in same way as Google:

Spotibo is a simple online tool and just takes the URL of a web page or a website. Sign up for a free account and then log in. Next, from the dashboard, create a new project and then simply enter the URL that you want to scan for checking SEO stats.

Spotibo add link

Now, after scanning the specified URL, it will show you a detailed report. It shows the results for different SEO parameters in different sections. In the first sections, it shows details about heading tags. And if the H1 tag is missing then it notifies you about that. In addition to heading tags, it even analyzes the web page metadata and to let you know if there is any missing information.

Headings and meta description

Next, it does the link analysis. It scans external as well as internal links and analyzes their quantity and tells if it is alright. Also, along with the link analysis, you can see the indexing details about the current webpage.

spotibo links analysis

In the next section, it analyzes images present on the page and throws error if the alt attributes are missing. Also, you can see the redirection and protocol details about the website. It flags the warning with a yellow triangle and then you can take further steps to fix that.

spotibo images and redirection

Similarly, you can see some other SEO related results on the results page and then you can improve them by simply analyzing the suggestions. The free plan gives you 500 links and you can use them wisely to get effective SEO analysis report of your websites.

Final thoughts

Spotibo is really an amazing online website SEO checker which you can use. If you frequently have to check SEO parameters of your website or websites of your clients or competitors then it will come in handy. You can either go with the free plan or if you require quota more than it offers in free plan then you can think of upgrading to one of its premium plan.

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