Lightweight IDE for PHP development: Adianti studio Personal

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Adianti studio Personal is a great free tool specially made for PHP developers. It is a cross platform tool that provides an environment for development to PHP developers. In other words it is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PHP, which is a tool that provides a RAD environment to the developers.

It will help developers to be more productive by providing important features like intelli– sense, auto complete, syntax highlighting and many more. These features will help a developer code more effectively and precisely and on time. Adianti Studio Personal is extremely easy to install.

Below is an image of how Adianti Studio Personal looks.


Adianti Studio Personal is closely integrated with Adianti Framework, which helps in automating the generation of source code in PHP. It has tabbed interface, which can open multiple files under same window but on different tabs. For free download you will get Adianti studio personal or you can pay for Adianti Studio professional version as well.


Adianti will let you create new project folders, wherein you can add all the related files under same name. See the above screenshot for the same. It also lets you create new file, browse PHP files, open them through windows explorer and save files. It lets you compare two different files using Studio Source Diff which is an inbuilt software. You can also copy while comparing. It has a feature which lets you export the code in form of a pdf file. You can indent the code towards left or right as you wish to place.

With Adianti Studio Personal you can also connect to database sources easily, see below screenshot. You would need to provide Connection name, DB host, DB name and related details and it will connect to the DB source.


Key Features of Adianti Studio Personal

  • It is a free and lightweight tool which will not affect you system’s performance. It can work on low end systems and perform equally.
  • Adianti Studio Personal is a Cross Platform tool which works with Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating System.
  • A great feature is Autocomplete which auto completes the name of functions and classes.
  • Another great feature is that it provided insights to code. Whenever you hover mouse over any function and press Ctrl, it will show that method’s documentation in a new window.
  • Adianti has its own PHP IDE designer called Adianti Designer. This helps in RAD development as it enables users to use inbuilt wizards to generate forms just like Visual Studio provides.
  • It connects to DB sources which makes work easy for the developers.
  • It lets you compare two files of code and highlights the difference. You can also copy the code from one file to another.

Overall Review

Adianti studio Personal is a great tool that provides a much needed IDE environment to PHP developers, though there are several IDE’s present in the market. I had previously used Microsoft Frontpage for PHP development and it made my work simpler by thousand counts, but its development is discontinued now. You may use Adianti Studio Personal for its simplicity as it provided an easy IDE environment for coding and also provides certain useful features to developers. Get it from here.

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