iPhone App to Learn How to Make Different Models of Paper Airplanes

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How to make Paper Airplanes is a free application for iPhone, iPad and iPod. This application, as the name suggests, allows you to make different types of paper planes. We all made paper planes as kids but they were pretty basic ones. This application will guide you through the process of making coolest and complicated airplanes out of paper. There are many options to choose from for making a plane.

You can make planes that fly or simple static models using this application. ‘How to make paper airplanes’ to some extent helps you to live your engineering dream somehow.


Features of ‘How to make Paper Airplanes’:

  • You can choose amongst various models to start your tutorial for making the airplane.
  • There are two categories of airplanes. One is the flying models, the other one is the stationary model. The planes featured in the stationary models are just meant for building and keeping them in a showcase, meanwhile the ones in the flying models can also be used to fly.
  • Each of these categories have further planes. For example, the stationary models are Concorde and Shuttle. The flying models are Fighter Aircraft, Super Plane 2, Arrow, Super Plane and so on.
  • The airplanes are divided into three categories for building purposes. These are, easy, middle and hard. You can choose the easy category to begin with and thereafter proceed to the other categories as you get hold of it.
  • All these above mentioned planes are available in the application by default. There is a ‘downloads’ tab at the bottom, tapping on which will give you more options of planes to work on. If you have finished the ones already available, you can always go for the downloads. This section features many planes sorted according to the number of steps required to build them.
  • You can also favourite some of the models and then they will separately appear in the favorites section.


How to use ‘How to make Paper Airplanes’:

Using this application is very simple. Just keep a paper in your hand and begin. First of all, choose the airplane you want to work on. Once you tap on that plane, you will come to know the number of steps it requires to build it. Also, there is an option of making it your favorite model by tapping on the top right ‘Star’. Once you press begin button, the animation begins. It shows the steps to be performed along with the written text. There are arrow keys for moving forward or backward and also an option of starting over in the center. Follow and complete all the steps to have your paper airplane ready.


Final Verdict:

The application is pretty unique given the fact that we only know 1-2 types of paper planes. It takes origami in a particular domain to a whole new dimension. One must give this application a try.

Get ‘How to make Paper Airplanes’ for iPhone from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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