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Marvel’s Iron Man 3 – JARVIS  is a free voice assistant for iPhone which lets you set alarm, check temperature, post to Facebook, set reminder, check current date/time/temperature, etc.. using your voice. The app is developed by Marvel Entertainment. As the name suggests, this app is just like having Jarvis around you. This app’s interface is similar to Jarvis and it even includes the voice over from Paul Bettany, the actor who also gave voice for JARVIS in Iron Man franchise. You just need to speak out the command to Jarvis, and it will do the task. Like, Google Now does.

Apart from the above mentioned features, you can also sync the app with your Blu-ray player for unlocking hidden files and suits. Not only this, you can also control the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray disc using the JARVIS and built-in remote control of the app. The app also lets you use the feature using traditional touch and tap features if you don’t want to use voice controls for the same.

Note: The app works perfectly with American accent but might fail to recognize some or all of the commands in other accents.

Jarvis Homescreen

Using Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Voice Assistant for iPhone:

You are not required for registration of any kind with the app. Tap the app icon and start using it. When you launch the app for first time, you will be welcomed by Jarvis and he will introduce himself to you. He will ask you to select what you’d like to be called, either Sir or Madam. On the next step, you need to choose the unit to be used for telling the temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin. This is the only setup you need to do. After this, you can start using the app as you will be taken to home screen, which means to Jarvis.

Setting Up Jarvis

You only need to remember a few commands for interacting with Jarvis and use the app.

Let’s see how to use this app using the touch and tap method. On the home screen, you can see that there are following options at the bottom: Clock and Weather Screen, Facebook and Messages, Voice Assistant, Blu-ray Remote, and Armors.

Jarvis Homescreen

  • Clock and Weather Screen: This option displays the current time, temperature, and date to you. You can check the temperature for upcoming 4 days apart from current day. To switch between days, tap on the current temperature box on left side. This is also the place from where you have to set the alarm and reminder. You can see that at top near the clock. There are two arrows in opposite directions. The arrow which is towards clock is for setting reminder while the one which is outwards is for setting alarm clock. To set alarm or reminder, tap on the corresponding arrow and move it to the your desired time and lift the finger. The alarm/reminder will be activated. To turn it off, simply tap on the arrow again.

    Setting Alarm

  • Facebook and Messages: Use this option to post to Facebook and view your messages. When you choose Facebook for posting, the app will open a text box for posting it to Facebook.

    Entering Status

  • Voice Assistant: You have to tap on this option before giving any voice based command to Jarvis. You just need to give the correct command and Jarvis automatically processes it and performs the corresponding task if the command is correct.
  • Blu- Ray and Armors: Both these features are connected to Blur-ray player and Iron Man 3 Blu-ray CD. I couldn’t test them as I don’t have Iron Man disk.

Voice Commands to Interact With Jarvis – Voice Assistant for iPhone:

For interacting with Jarvis through your voice, you are required to use specific commands. These commands are:

  • Jarvis Time: To check the current time.
  • Jarvis Set Alarm: To set alarm.
  • Jarvis Alarm Off: To disable the alarm.
  • Jarvis Set Reminder: To Set reminder.
  • Jarvis Reminder Off: To disable reminder.
  • Jarvis Snooze: To snooze alarm and delay it by 9 minutes.
  • Jarvis Weather: To check current weather readings.
  • Jarvis Temperature: To check current temperature.
  • Jarvis Armors: To open the armor screen.
  • Jarvis Commands: To open screen with list of all Jarvis commands.
  • Jarvis Ringtones:  To open screen with list of ringtones to download.
  • Jarvis Facebook: To open dialog box for posting to Facebook.
  • Jarvis Help: To get help for the screen which you are using.
  • Jarvis Clock: To get the clock screen.
  • Jarvis Home: To go to main screen of app.
  • Jarvis Settings: To open settings screen.
  • Jarvis Alarm Settings: To get the screen containing alarm settings.
  • Jarvis Next Message: To go to next message.
  • Jarvis Previous Message: To go to previous message.
  • Jarvis Scan: To start scanning mode for unlocking armor from hidden images on the Blu-ray disc.
  • Jarvis Mark 1-42: To check the requested suit of armor.
  • Jarvis Blu-ray: To open the remote with Blu-ray controls for Iron Man 3.

To use any of the above commands, you first need to tap on the Voice Assistant icon. Then speak the exact command and wait for Jarvis to process it. After the processing, you will see the desired action being performed by Jarvis.

Final Verdict:

I am really impressed with Marvel’s Iron Man 3 – JARVIS voice assistant for iPhone. The app is really awesome in both the appearance and performance. The appearance of the app will really make you feel interacting with Jarvis. The voice over also adds up to the experience. Although the app has many commands, but still it will leave you craving for more. If you are an Iron Man fan, then this app will surely make you go wow. Do give this app a try to feel the real Jarvis.

Get Iron Man 3 – JARVIS here.

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