Free App to Track Your Daily Medicine Consumption: Tablets

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In this blog post, I’m reviewing a free app to track your daily medicine consumption. For this, you can use Tablets app that can be easily found on the App Store.

Tablets is an app like your journal where you can log your medicine consumption. The app allows you to set date, day, time, and the amount of medicine you have consumed. By making a note, you can add more details about your substances. It is very easy to organize your medicine intakes. So, let’s explore more and set the daily medicine consumption.

App to Track Your Daily Medicine Consumptions

Free App to Track Your Daily Medicine Consumption: Tablets

Firstly, you will have to install the app named Tablets. It is a free substance journal app that you can use to log your medicines with a note.

When you launch the app after installation, it shows a table to add your medicine consumption. In order to add details about your substances, you can slide up the arrow located below.

At this point, you can set the date, time, substance (Generic), and the amount of medicine in mg. You can also add the Route, e.g., Smoked, Inhaled, Plugged, Vaporized, Insufflated, etc.

set the date and amount of medicine consumptions

Apart from this, the app provides you a note area where you can add extra details about your substances. Once done, you can tap on the Plus icon to add the medicine to the table.

On the top right, you will find three icons. By tapping on the first icon, you can view the medicine consumption in the Calendar form. Hitting on the second icon, you can add Metrics along with a Label, Date Range, Query Type, Route, Substance, and other required details.

The app lets you export the data on your phone as well. All you need to go to the app’s settings and there you will find the Export option. You can get all your data directly on your phone or other cloud storage.

In brief

Tablets is great to quickly log your medicine consumption. You can add the amount of medicine along with other details in the app and save it to your calendar. It is pretty easy to track and monitor your consumption. On top of that, you can export all your data on your phone.

Try this app and log medicines.

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