When Can I Donate Blood Again? Best Online Blood Donation Calculator

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Do you want to know when can you donate blood again? There is a certain period for which you need to wait before which you can donate blood again. There are various other aspects as well that you need to look into before donating blood again. These aspects include your gender, weight, height, date of birth, donation type, etc. Online Blood Donation Calculator websites are available on the internet that will answer the question, “When can I donate blood again?“.

Let us checkout some of the best online blood donation time calculator websites out there. Some of these tools are pretty simple and only require past donation date, while some ask for other information as well. Let us give these calculators a check one by one see what they have to offer.

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Here Are The Best Online Blood Donation Calculator Websites:

Blood Donation Time Calculator

Blood Donation Time Calculator from miniwebtool is the simplest blood donation date calculator in this list. As you can see in the screenshot, all you need to do is enter your last blood donation date. Once you enter the date, click the calculate button. You will get your next blood donation date right there. That’s it.

Know what is your blood donation date here.


WHEN CAN I DONATE NEXT? is a calculator on the Australian Red Cross website. It calculates blood donation date based on blood donation type and your last donation date. The blood donation types that you can choose from are: Whole blood, Plasma, and Platelets. You need to enter the required info; it then carries out the calculation and tells you when can you donate blood again.

Try it out here.

Blood Donation Due Date Calculator

Blood Donation Due Date Calculator is a calculator from Medindia. It calculates your next blood donation date based on your gender and last date when you donated blood. Simply select your gender as Male or Female, select the last blood donation date and hit Calculate. You will get the calculated Safe To Donate Blood Date, right below the calculator. It also shows the average safe interval to donate blood.

Check it out here.

Eligibility Calculator

Eligibility Calculator is a bit advanced calculator from the above mentioned tools. It asks for your birth date, your weight, and if you have donated blood in the past year. You will have to enter your weight in Lbs and also enter last date of blood donation. You will also have to enter the last blood donation type. The blood donation type options are: Whole blood, Platelets, and Double red cells.

If you are eligible to donate blood, it simply tells that you are, and if you are not, it tells when you will be.

Give it a try here.

Blood Donation Calculator

Blood Donation Calculator is an advanced blood donation calculator to know when can you donate blood again from The Calculator website. What all info you need to provide here? Enter Gender, Weight, Height, and last blood donation date. Based on the data entered, it will calculate your next blood donation date.

This calculator is available here.

Wrapping Up

If I wanted to know when can I donate blood again, I would of course check with the last and the second last calculator in this list.

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