Skew Image Online with These 5 Free Websites

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Here you will learn about 5 free websites to skew image online. Using these websites, you can easily change the perspective of images just by adding the skew effect to them. To help you do that, these websites offer a simple tool to manually change the X and Y coordinate of the images. Doing so, you can change the image perspective to any angle you want. You can simply open these websites, upload any image you want, and skew it in no time.

Adding skew effect can come in handy to straighten crooked images (with bends, improper angles, curves, etc.) into normal or simply to add a vertical or horizontal slant to normal images. After you skew an image, you can download it for free to your PC. You may also like our post on [[link this]] 5 free websites to wrap image online.

skew image online

Let’s get started with the websites and see how to use them to skew images.


LunaPic is probably one of the best free websites to skew image online. It comes with a simple tool using which you can easily change the perspective of images. That means you can straighten your images (containing bends, improper angles, etc.) or slant images by adding the skew effect. To get started, the first thing you would need to do is upload the photo that you want to skew. After that, click on the “Edit” menu and select the “Skew Image” option. As soon as you do that, it will open up two different sliders named, X Skew and Y Skew.

Now, to change the perspective of the image, you would need to start dragging the sliders back and forth. The sliders can actually help you change the X and Y coordinates of the image. This way you can have your crooked images turned into normal images or make them slant vertically/horizontally. Once you’re done, you can easily download the image as a PNG file.


Ezimba is another free website that can help you effectively skew images online. This one lets you choose any (crooked or normal) image you want and then manually change its perspective to any desired angle. When you open the website, it will allow you to upload the image from the web or your PC. After that, you would need to select the “Skew” tool visible on the “Orient” section under the “Edit” column. Now, it will show you the options to select the skew percentage and its direction.

You can choose the skew percentage in the range of 0% to 360% and the direction to the right or left. Selecting these parameters will help you define the perspective to which you want to skew the image. Once done, press the “Convert” button and the skew effect will be added to the image automatically. You can then export the output image to your PC as a PNG file.

Online Image Editor (by Dan’s Tools):

Online Image Editor (by Dan’s Tools) is also a free website which you can use to skew image online. It is actually a free image editor with tools quite similar to ““. Among the image editing tools, you will find a simple tool that can help you skew images and change their perspective. After opening this website, you would need to open the image to which you want to add the skew effect. Then click on the “Effects” menu and choose the “Perspective” tool to proceed.

As soon as you do that, a popup will appear where you can see the option to skew the image by changing its perspective. To do that, you would need to simply drag the “X” and “Y” sliders. There are 4 different sets of sliders which you can use to get the desired perspective. When you’re all set with skewing the image, download it for free as PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.

Photo Kako:

Photo Kako is another useful website that allows you to seamlessly skew images and change their perspective online. You can use it to either straighten or slant your images to any angle in no time. To skew an image, simply open up the website and select the “Distortion” option under the “All Editors” tab. When you do that, it will allow you to choose the image from PC or web. Then you can go ahead and configure all the perspective settings on the left panel.

You can choose between two different skew methods named, Perspective and Bilinear and manually enter the coordinates. Once you’re done with that, hit the “Config” button and the skew effect will be applied to the image instantly. Now, you can download the resulting image as a PNG file. It also provides other options to rotate image, change background, etc.

Picture to People:

Picture to People is also a simple and free website that comes with an option to skew images. It lets you select any image you want and then manually change its perspective online. When you browse the website, simply scroll down to the bottom and then upload the source image. After that, you can see all the settings required to skew image under the “Configuration” option. You can manually select the horizontal and vertical rotation in the range of “0 to 60 degree” and “0 to -60 degree”.

Apart from that, you can set the frame size, border size, margin, background color, enable transparent background, etc. After you’re done with configuring the settings, simply click on the “Generate” button. This will instantly process the image and change the perspective based on the rotation angle you have selected. You can also download the resulting skewed image as a PNG file.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best free websites which make it pretty simple for you to skew images online. Now, you don’t need to use any complex image editor just to change the perspective of your images. As these websites let you do the same with minimal effort. You can skew unlimited images completely free. So, give them a try and leave your comments below.

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