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Here are some websites to search Telegram channels, groups, bots, and stickers. In the following post, I will talk about some really nice websites which have indexed a long list of Telegram channels ad groups that you can join. The sites I have added below give you a simple search engine to search channels and groups. You can get link of any bot, group, channel, and then join that. You can search for educational channels, news channels, video channels, and ones for getting currency prices. You just need to enter keyword in the following sites then they will generate corresponding list accordingly.

Telegram has a very long list of communities and channels that one can think of. But the problem is that there is no centralized place to search for a specific community. The built-in Telegram search is definitely not good for this as it yields very limited results. Which is why there are some websites which have indexed a long list of Telegram channels. And you can use them to find the channel based on your interest. Also, not only channels but you can use them to search for groups, bots, stickers too.

Search Telegram Channels

Free Online Telegram Channels Search Tools with Groups, Stickers:


tlgrm in action

Tlgrm is one of the best free sites to search Telegram channels, bots, and stickers. Without creating any account on the website, you can use it to find the channels that you are looking for. You just enter a search keyword and it will return a list of channels. You can then join that channel or do whatever you want. Apart from search keywords, it allows you to list channels based on tags. You can browse channels with this website and then easily join them if you want to. Alternatively, you can see the statistics of that channel in case you want to see the engagement graph.

Access this Telegram channel search tool from above and then on the homepage, you will see a search box. After that, you can enter the search term based on your interests and find the right communities. Before actually joining a community, you can see its statistics. For that, first go to the Tlgrm page of that channel and then hit the “Statistics” button from the top right side. It will show you a graph that you can analyze. See the above screenshot.

Telegram Index

Telegram Index in action

Telegram Index has a huge database of popular and non popular Telegram channels and you can search them easily. As the name indicates, this website has index of a lot of Telegram channels. And it has categorized channels in various sections for your ease. You just look for channels either by browsing them via categories. Or, you can enter a keyword to list them. Not only this, but you can search for a channel in other language as well.

The website is very simple and very straightforward. You don’t need an account to use it, just use the link above and then you can simply access the website to search for different channels. All the categories of channels are listed on the left sidebar and you can use them as well to browse channels ad join them. You can click on some channels from the list to see a small description about it.

Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels in action

Telegram Channels is another free website you can use to search for channels on Telegram. It has listed channels on its UI according to different categories. You can explore different channels there based on categories or use the search. You can input a keyword there and it will list all the matching entries and then you can do whatever you want. Also, apart from channels, you can use this website to search for bots, stickers, and groups as well. For every channel it shows there, you can see its rating and number of people it has.

You can go to this website using the above link and then start looking for the channel that you want to. Enter a search keyword there and it will list channels accordingly. Or, you can browse channels based on the categories listed there on the main website. To see more about the channel, you can click on its name and it will take you to the next page where you can see its member count and rating.

Tgram io in action is yet another free website to search Telegram channels and groups. This is a simple website and just like the other online search tools I have mentioned above, you can use it in the same way. You just go to the website and then you can simple enter the search term based on the channel you want to find. On the main website, there are categories and subcategories as well which can be helpful for you to browse the channels list. The best part is that if you want to submit a channel to the websites then you can do that.

Reach the homepage of the website from above and enter the keyword based on the channel you want to find. Also, you can use the listed categories there to look for the channels. You can use those categories and get the channel you want. For every channel you search there, you can see its members count, the channel language, and its category. See the screenshot above.

Final thoughts

These are the best websites that I have collected as the list of best Telegram channels that you can join. However, I saw some inappropriate channels there as well related to betting, NSFW, etc., and I will advice you to stay away from them. Otherwise, everything else is great and you can explore a lot of stickers and nice communities to join related to humor, knowledge, and technical updates. So, if you are looking for websites to search Telegram communities then you have come to the right place. Pick any website from the list and then get the channels you are looking for.

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