5 Online Rectangular Tank Volume Calculator Websites Free

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Here is a list of 5 free online rectangular tank volume calculator websites. All these sites are very helpful to find out total volume of rectangular tank. Some sites also provide filled volume of rectangular tank. You just need to give the input dimensions which include rectangular tank width, length, and height, and output will be in front of you.

There are some other interesting features also available to use. For example, you can calculate vertical tank volume, horizontal capsule tank, vertical cylindrical tank, cone, cube shaped tank volume, share output or answer with others, and more.

Let’s start with the first rectangular tank volume calculator website.


CalculatorSoup.com website

CalculatorSoup.com is an all in one rectangular tank volume calculator, horizontal cylinder, vertical oval, vertical capsule, horizontal capsule, horizontal oval, and vertical cylinder volume calculator website. Based on the inputs provided by you, it will show total volume and filled volume of rectangular tank. You will also get a sharing link so that you can share the calculation with others.

This website also provides a diagram for rectangular tank. The diagram shows tank height, width, length, and filled volume areas to provide an idea about tank dimensions.

Access its tank calculation tool and set tank type to Rectangle. After that, provide width, filled depth, length, and height of tank in feet and inches and you will get the answer.


Alloiltank.com website

Alloiltank.com is one of the best websites on this list for tank volume calculation. Apart from rectangular tank volume calculator, it has 6 other tank volume calculators. These are: vertical oval tank, horizontal capsule tank, horizontal oval tank, vertical cylinder tank, horizontal cylinder tank, and vertical capsule tank.

Select rectangle tank tab and enter tank height, length, and width. You can also add liquid height, but it is optional. When inputs are filled, get the calculations. You will get calculation results in liters, cubic meters, BBL (US Oil), cubic feet, and gallons (both US and UK). You will also see a diagram for filled volume and tank dimensions. So, the features are really good.


Easy-calc.com website

Easy-calc.com is also a multipurpose volume calculator website. It lets you calculate total volume for sphere, cone, cylinder, capsule, cube, and rectangular tank. Its rectangular tank volume calculator page is here.

Provide tank width, length, and height and the total tank volume will be visible to you. Here, the good thing is you can set unit for height, length, and width in meter, inch, centimeter, feet, or yard.

Like CalculatorSoup.com, it provides a sample diagram for rectangular tank to check width, length, and height.


Calculator.net website

Calculator.net comes with 11 different tank volume calculators and this feature makes it a bit special than other sites. You can calculate volume for sphere, rectangle, cone, cube, capsule, cylinder, conical frustum, spherical cap, tube, square pyramid, and ellipsoid shaped tanks.

A separate calculator with sample diagram is available for each tank type. Use its Rectangular Tank Volume Calculator and provide length, height, and width. Like Easy-calc.com website, it lets you select unit type for inputs. You can select centimeters, millimeters, nanometers, meters, yards, feet, etc., as unit type. Enter details and you will get the answer.


1728.org website

1728.org website is also a nice option to calculate volume for rectangular tank. You will see a diagram for tank length, width, tank height and liquid level or filled liquid. You also need to provide input values for the same. After that, you can select unit type to get the output. Available input units are: feet, meters, centimeters, and inches.

As soon as you select a unit, you will see the calculations in the output boxes. It will show liquid volume, tank volume, and empty volume in gallons and cubic feet. Volume percentage for liquid volume, tank volume, and empty volume is also provided by it.

The Conclusion:

Here I wrap up this list which has best free online rectangular tank volume calculators. All are good in providing the answer. But, my favorite site on this list is “CalculatorSoup.com“. The feature to share the answer with others on this website is very useful and it supports other type of tank calculators also.

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