4 Online Deck Board Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 4 free online deck board calculator websites. A deck helps you make outside space of your home more usable that you can use as extension of your house, entertain guests, gardening, eat outside, etc. Before creating a deck, you must know how many deck boards will be needed for it. These websites will help you for that. You can enter total area (length and width) for deck, board size, decking angle (if available), etc., and then get the results.

These websites provide some other good features also. For example, you can check estimated price of number of deck boards, number of hidden fasteners, screws needed, installation overview with a diagram showing number of deck boards, deck length and height, etc.

Let’s check these free online deck board calculators one by one.

Inch Calculator

Inch Calculator deck board calculation

Inch Calculator is one of the best websites for deck board calculation. It also lets you add estimated price per deck board and then it will show total price for number of deck boards needed. In addition to that, it can also show price for face screws and number of screws needed for deck.

The feature that I like a lot is it provides installation overview where it shows a diagram including number of deck boards, deck length and width, etc.

You can add input values like deck width and length, board width, board length, joint spacing, and price per board (optional). After that, it will give you the calculations or results related to number of deck boards, price, screws, etc.


Blocklayer website

Blocklayer website is a good competitor to other deck board calculators covered on this list. Its Deck and Floor Board Spacing and Quantify Calculator is quite good. Here is the link. You can add crucial input details which include deck width, board width, optimal gap, waste percentage, joist spacing, estimated cost, etc. Based on all these values, you will get the calculation.

The output shows how many deck boards with specific size are needed including the optimal gaps. A beautiful diagram is also presented for the output that is really good.

Decking Board Estimator & Calculator

decking board estimator and calculator

Decking Board Estimator & Calculator (Homepage) is another great option to find out number deck boards needed for your deck. There are two features that make it special and a bit different than other online deck board calculators. It lets you:

  • Check deck boards of different sizes that can be used for deck.
  • You can also check required number of deck boards including the waste factor.

Enter the decking details like total square feet area of deck or length and width of deck, board size, joist spacing, decking angle (90 or 45 degrees), etc., and then get the calculations. For each input item, it also shows a diagram to easily understand about that item.

The output will show you number of deck boards needed (with different sizes), number of screws, and hidden fasteners required.

Deck Material Calculator

Deck Material Calculator

Deck Material Calculator website is also very useful to find out number of deck boards needed with specific size based on the input details. Click this link to access this deck material calculator.

The website lets you add width and length of deck (in feet), expansion gap (using preset sizes), and board size. You can also set deck angle to 90 degrees or 45 degrees and then get the calculation. The output calculation will show you total deck area (in square feet) and number of boards needed with specific size (in inches and feet) for your deck.

The Conclusion:

These are the best online deck board calculator websites you can try. All the sites give meaningful output and some sites also provide screws and hidden fasteners required for deck. Among all these deck board calculators, my favorite is “Inch Calculator“.

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