5 Best Online Album Cover Maker Websites Free

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In this blog post, you will find 5 best online album cover maker websites. You can create stunning covers for albums with free websites. Mainly these websites provide you a great collection of music cover templates. There are more than a hundred templates that you can choose from in order to edit the album cover. Thereafter, you can download the output with no watermark.

In making these designs more impressive, tools have a major role. You can use effective tools that are available on the websites. You can change the text and the image content by fixing the colors, layout, background, and other elements. Once you add all the components in the image, download the album cover in JPG, PNG, or PDF file formats. You can take prints as well. And then use these amazing designs for the album covers.

The websites enable you to create different types of graphics, e.g., you can make custom logo, covers like flyers, posters, YouTube banner, Facebook event cover, book cover, etc. Though sign-ups are required for all the websites, but you can create designs for free.

So let’s create amazing covers for your album with online album cover maker.


Online album cover maker

GraphicSprings is an online album cover maker. The website enables you to create a custom logo and other covers like flyers, posters, YouTube banner, book cover, etc.

In order to create an album cover, all you need to do is visit the website and search for the templates. In the category called Branding, you will find different sections. One of them is Album Covers. At this point, you can create free album covers.

The online album cover maker offers you free templates. You can explore amazing covers in order to customize them. To do so, you just need to click on the template and then change the whole image content. You can change the background color if needed.

Apart from this, you can edit the text content. There are other fonts available on the website. Also, you can choose the font size, apply filters, and other elements like shapes, frames, lines, etc.

Whatever changes you make, it shows you on the right. Once you’re satisfied with the cover design, you can download the album cover in formats like PDF, PNG, or JPEG.


Online album cover maker

PosterMyWall is a free website where you can create album covers. The special part of this website is that it lets you make animated cover design. Moreover, it has a wide range of free templates. So you have more options to create amazing covers.

Firstly, you will have to search for the templates. You can pick a video or image cover design template. Then you are free to customize the template. To edit the template, you can take help of the tools. The site lets you add text content, layout, background, clipart, and media like audio and video.

Besides that, you can keep the text in the back of the image or bring it to front. Also set the alignment, colors, letter spacing, change opacity, and so on.

These tools help you to make designs like a pro. After you customize your cover design, you can download it in JPG format.


Online album cover maker

Canva is also considered as one of the best online album cover maker. On this website, you can create stylish music album covers. Here you can create CD cover, bold CD cover, artistic cover, minimalist CD cover, etc.

The very first thing you need to do is to search for the templates to create CD covers. There are templates in a wide range with amazing graphics. If you want to add some more creativity then you can pick the template and add some more interesting graphics in it.

To customize the template, you can use the effective tools available on the website. For example, you can add text body, use some gradient colors, change font style and size, replace the background, if required. Doing so, you can make your design look more impressive in general.

And when you’re done with editing, you can download the image in different formats like PDF Print/standard, JPG, and PNG.


Online album cover maker

Fotor is an online album cover maker to create quick designs for your CD or album cover. You can create beautiful cover art with the help of the templates and effective tools.

After visiting the website, you will find templates to scroll. These templates are mixed with free and paid templates. You can only edit the templates which are free. You can pick a template so that you can customize it. In order to customize, you can use the tools like text, background images, stickers, text, colors for background and text. Also, you can add more effects and other filters available on the website.

When you find a design is attractive enough, you can download the album cover design. The design gets saved in JPG, PNG, and PDF file format.


Online album cover maker

TemplateMix is a free website where you can create album covers quickly. The site lets you use the free templates in order to personalize it. You can create beautiful covers as per your own choice.

All you will have to do is browse templates, customize it and save it. For that, you can visit the website. Then, you will see templates on the left. There you can change the category to CD cover. The templates are quite interesting to see. You can choose one of them to customize.

You can edit the template by changing all the image content. You can add images over the template, text, elements like lines, frames, shapes, etc. After that, download the cover in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format.

In brief

The cover of the album is the first impression of any music CD. Using the above-mentioned websites, you can easily design the cover art in minutes. The sites offer you different types of templates. You can simply customize the design and create an amazing cover for album or CDs.

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