5 Free Chef Games for Facebook to Bring out your Creative Side

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This article lists 5 free chef games for Facebook which let you cook and manage your own restaurant. All the games have nice graphics and background music. Apart from this all the games require you to serve the customer quickly, otherwise they might angry and leave. You start the games with basic kitchen set up. But as you earn coins, you can upgrade your kitchen as well as the dishes you serve in the restaurant.

You also need to know how to cook dishes that are newly added to your kitchen. All in all the games are pretty exciting and fun to play. They keep you wanting more, you want to earn more coins, serve more customers, cook more recipes, etc. So let’s look at these free chef games for Facebook below.

Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game

Kitchen Scramble: cooking game is a chef game for Facebook. In this game you have to help a chef make her food truck a success. For this you have to cook different recipes and serve food to your customers. You start with level one where you have to cook only egg recipes. When you move on to level 2 you are ready to expand your kitchen with the money you earned. You get a new oven in level 2 and can start cooking baked potato dish as well. This will help you earn more money.

The first and part of second level is pretty much guided, but after that you are on your own. You have to make and serve dishes which customers ask you for. You have to deliver food in a timely manner, or customers will get angry and leave. Each level you have to keep upgrading your kitchen, so you can cook faster and cook more variety of dishes. Buy kitchen products which will help you finish your task faster. Each level at the beginning will show you a level objective. Keep that in mind when playing the game. Money earned in each level can be used to upgrade your kitchen.

Chef Royal

Chef Royal is a free chef game for Facebook. In this game you start with a new restaurant and you get one ingredient to start with. You have to start cooking a dish which you will be serving your customers. You have to practice making this dish so you can serve your customer a good dish. You can buy ingredients for your dish from the market place. The cooking station will be your area where you can cook dishes. You have to master your recipes before you can open the restaurant for customer.

You can also invite your friends to join in the fun. The number of coins you have and the level you are at can be seen at the top of the screen.

Cooking Tale

Cooking Tale is a fun chef game for Facebook. In this game you start your small burger restaurant. Now you start with one recipe only. But as you cross one level some new recipe is going to be added to your restaurant. You have to cook and serve customers. You have to be quick in your cooking otherwise customers lose patience and they leave. You also have to know how to cook the new recipe which has been added in the new level.

Also, when you level up you can add new equipment to your kitchen to help you cook faster. Each level also has an objective to earn a number of coins. Try to beat that number. The number of customers that you have to serve will be displayed on the bottom on the game screen. So keep serving customers and keep earning coins. These coins can then be used to upgrade your kitchen.

Cooking Adventure

Cooking Adventure is another chef game for Facebook. Here you need to fulfill a little girl’s dream of being a chef. Now she is all grown up and is thinking of starting her own restaurant. You have to help her out with her restaurant. Its a grill restaurant, so first you need to learn how to grill a steak rare, medium, or well done. At level one you start with a grill and one plate setting. As customers start to come in, you will take their order of meat and start cooking.

Be quick while you are cooking, as the customers will leave if you take too much time. Each level also gives you a target number of coins to earn in every level. The coins you earn can be used to upgrade your restaurant and the equipment that you are using. Keep on adding stuff to your restaurant as you move forward to make your place more popular.

Cooking Story

Cooking Story is a a chef game for Facebook where Anna is trying to help her grandma with her bakery. Anna’s grandma is going out and Anna has to manage her bakery by herself. Grandma shows Anna how things are to be done and she leaves. Now help out Anna serve all the customers that are coming in. The customers come in and order stuff and Anna has to serve them as quick as possible.

The first level begins with just 2 dishes to serve bread and cookies. But as you level up and move forward more things are added to the menu. Now you have to be on your toes, as lots of customers come in at the same time. So take everyone’s orders and serve them as quickly as possible. Also collect the payment and tips given by customers.

These are the 5 chef games for Facebook where you play a chef in a restaurant and help run the kitchen all by yourself. Just make sure you are fulfilling the orders quickly before the customers get angry and leave. All the games are super fun to play, if I had to choose one which I liked most I’ll pick up Cooking Story, where you have to help Anna manage her grandma’s bakery. The game has super nice graphics and is fast too. So try on these chef games and see which one you like the most.

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