Free Calorie Counter App for Android with Food and Exercise Tracker

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Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a free calorie counter app for Android that lets you log calories.  With this fantastic app, you can easily track your calorie intake as well as the number of calories burnt.

Using this calorie counter app for Android, you can easily check nutritional value of meals. You can also browse through various tasty and healthy recipes designed for people who want to stay fit. You will also find an inbuilt barcode scanner displayed on the top right corner of the main page in the app.  This app has much more than you would expect.

calorie counter app for Android

Some Features of this Calorie Counter App for Android:

  • Nice user interface, with customizable looks.
  • Free to download and easy to use.
  • Find nutritional value of foods.
  • Track your calories in this Android app.
  • Search most food products easily.
  • In-built barcode scanner available.
  • Record exercises to check number of calories burnt.
  • Check calorie intake of most consumed foods.
  • Also keep a track  of your weight.
  • Healthy recipes and ideas for meals also given.
  • Diet chart to check history conveniently.
  • Sync account online to access from anywhere.

calorie counter Android app

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How to Use Calorie Counter by FatSecret :

Get this calorie counter app for Android using the link given at the end of the page. A QR code is also given, to let you scan it with a barcode scanner and get the app directly on your Android device.

Once it is installed, tap its icon to launch the app. You will have to first register an account. The app will ask for some questions, like: age, height, weight, etc. that you will have to enter.

On the main page of the app you will see all the main functions of the app organised in a really clean manner. To the right of the screen you will have the Food tracker and Exercise Tracker.

Regularly logging food you consume will help you to get an idea of your daily calorie intake. To start adding food, tap the Plus(+) icon displayed next to Food (see screenshot below).

calorie counter app

Now tap on the name of the Meal that you want to log. To add food you consumed for breakfast, simply tap the plus icon displayed next to Breakfast. Now add food items. You can search food and add exactly what you ate. For e.g. if you ate eggs, you can also select the type, like omelette, boiled, scrambled, etc.. This will help you to count the correct number of calories you consume.

You can add more meals in the similar manner. This app will also show you the nutritional value of your meals by displaying total carbohydrates, fats and proteins you received from the meal.

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This Calorie Counter App for Android also lets you track the number of calories you burn by exercising. You can add various activities you do to help you burn fat. To start adding, you can tap the plus icon in the Exercise tab on the main page. Your Exercise diary will open (see screenshot below).

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

To add an exercise you performed, tap on Add Exercise, displayed at the bottom of the page. Now, choose the activity you performed and the duration for which you performed it. Tap the Ok tab.

You can see the number of calories that you burnt in performing a particular activity, and thus make it a part of your daily routine.

Not only this, the great fitness app for Android also has a number of healthy recipes that you can view by tapping the 3 bar icon on the top left of the screen. Go to recipes and select the type of recipes you want, like Low cholesterol, high fiber, Low GI, Low sodium, high protein, sugar free recipes etc.

My Verdict:

This is a wonderful calorie counter app for Android, that helps you keep a record of the calories that you intake and burn, thus helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app is simply great.

Get Calorie Counter by FatSecret here or scan the QR code provided below.

calorie counter

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