Android Sports Car Simulating Game To Drive High-Speed Cars

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a free car driving simulator Android game in which you can drive various high-speed cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes, etc on road and off road. In this car driving simulator game, you can drive these high-speed sports car in 3 different modes i.e. Free Mode, Checkpoint mode, and Traffic mode. Please note that it is not a car racing game and you won’t be able to race against other cars like in Asphalt Extreme, and other Android car racing games. It is perfect for those who just want to drive the powerful cars at an extreme speed. In this car driving game, you’ll get started with a Lamborghini and when you have driven some specified distance, a new car will be unlocked. And, believe me, this game will not get boring as you can do other cool stuff with these cars on road like drifting, perform stunts, and other mini games inside the track.

extreme car driving simulator garage main interface
I am a big fan of Android racing games and I played a lot of different Android racing games like Asphalt 8, Asphalt Extreme, and currently playing Real Racing 3. But games like Extreme Car Driving Simulator come in handy when you want to enjoy high-speed racing thrills on devices with a low amount of RAM and other specs. The graphics of the game are clear as crystal and it is quite lightweight as well. So, if your device doesn’t have much of storage space left then this game can perfectly fit in and you can enjoy driving real racing cars straight on your low specs device.

How to play this Android car simulator game and drive high-speed sports car:

You can download this game from the link provided at the end of this article. First you will get a Lamborghini to drive that speed up to 350 Km/h during my testing of its gameplay. You can drive this speeding giant in 3 different modes i.e. Free mode in which you can drive without any traffic on the track, Checkpoint mode in which you have to drive through the checkpoints on the track to earn points, and Traffic mode in which you have to drive with traffic on the track. The game controls to apply brakes, accelerate the car, and move the car left or right are shown on the screen, as you can see in the screenshot below. You can change the controls from its settings as well. The best part of this game is that it perfectly simulates the open world environment and shows real car damage when it crashes. So, check out this game and get to know how does it really feels like to drive a high-speed car in a real world space.

drive sports car in extreme driving car simulator'

To perform drift in this game, drive your car at a high speed and then apply the car brakes and then tap on the left/right arrow button to drift in that direction. It is really thrilling and there is an off road too on which you can drive your car at high speed and watch your car flying to the skies and then crashing to the ground. After you will start the game in the free mode, you will see the car on the track, you can change the view by tapping on the camera icon on top. After that, you can also see other mini games like Radar and  Trial. In Radar, you have to drive your car through the checkmarks and your speed will be snapped. In the Trial mode, you have to perform stunts and drive through the checkmarks. Trial mode is really challenging and I will recommend you to check it out as it will surely test your driving skills.

As I mentioned, in the beginning of the game you’ll get a Lamborghini to drive and you have to unlock other speed monsters like Buggati Veyron, Ferrari, etc to drive at higher speeds. To unlock other super-speed cars, you have to drive a certain distance and collect some items on the track or complete some tasks.

extreme car driving simulator garage of sport car


Extreme Car Drive Simulator is an exciting car driving simulator game in which you can drive high-speed cars in a real world environment. Do check it out and feel the extreme speed experience in the real world with high-speed cars in this game.

Download Extreme Car Drive Simulator.

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