5 Android Apps to Find the Name of a Celebrity from Photo

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Here are some best free Android apps to find the name of a celebrity from his/her photo. Using these apps, you can easily know who the celebrity is, whose movie or TV show you’re watching on TV or PC. You can simply take a photo of the celebrity using this any app here from the TV or PC screen, and then it will automatically analyze the photo and show you the name of the celebrity.

Some of these apps can also show the match percentage of the photo with the name it is showing. Apart from taking new photos, you can also use the existing photos from your phone gallery and know the name of the celebrities on the photos.

In addition to all that, these app has can show more details about the celebrity form Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon, and Bing. They will help you see more details about the celebrity, buy products related to the celebrity, and see more images of the celebrity. Some apps in this post are the dedicated ones and some are reverse image search services.

How to Find the Name of a Celebrity from his/her Photo:


ActorDetector Celebrity Recognition App

ActorDetector is the best free celebrity face recognition app to find name of an actor or actress from their photo. This is a very simple that takes a photo from you. You can either click the photo using the built-in camera in the app. Or, you can give it a photo from the gallery of the phone. After analyzing the image, it will show you name of that celebrity.

Not only name of the celebrity but it will show you more information about him/her from TheMoviesDB.org and Wikipedia automatically. When you scroll further, you can see movies and TV shows that feature that celebrity and do whatever you want.

There is no need to create any kind of sign up in order to use this app. Install it form Google Play store and then start using right away. There is a search icon on the main screen of this app, tapping on which will open the camera. Take photo of the celebrity from anywhere and then it will show you the best matching result. It also shows the matching probability in terms of percentage.

Search by Image

celebrity face identifier by Search by Image app

Search by Image is a dedicated reverse mobile app that you can use. It uses Google, Bing, and Yandex for reverse image searching. And that is why it can be used as a celebrity face recognition app as well. You just have to scan a photo and then it will show you all the information about it. You can see the reuslts for the clicked or scanned image on Google, Bing, and Yandex at the same time.

Using this app as a celebrity face detector is very easy. You don’t need any sign up or sign in. Launch the app and then select a photo from the gallery. Or, you can also click a photo using the camera that this app offers. Start the search and it will show you results from Google, Bing, Yandex, respectively in 3 separate tabs. Switch between the tabs to see different image results.

A little downside about this app is that it shows you ads in the search process. But other than that, it works as it should. You can quicky open it up and find the actor or actress name by picture in a few taps.


Bing Celebrity Recognition Apppng

Bing Android as well as iOS apps can be used to identify a celebrity by photo. The powerful reverse image search of Bing can easily help you identify any popular person ion the internet. You can submit a photo using the Bing camera or from the gallery. It will try to identify the person and will tell their name from the matching images. Not only this, since Bing is a fully fledge search engine, it will show you other resources about the found celebrity as well such as related images, wikis, results from IMDB, and more.

You can use Bing app without any account as well the Bing camera for reverse image search. Install the app from Google Play store and then open it up. There is a camera icon in the search box. Use that to launch the Bing camera and then take photo of a celebrity from computer screen, poster, or from anywhere. Proceed further and give it a few seconds. It will show you name of the identified celebrity and will show the source of the image if it exists on the Intrnet.

Apart from reverse searching celebrity images on Bing, you can do much more. It can show you weather data, popular news stories and my personal favourite, the AR Maps.

Google Lens

find celebrity name by photo using Google Lens

Google Lens is an extended version of Google Images Search. It is available on the web as well as in the Android app of Google. With this, you can quickly identify what celebrity it is using the camera of your phone. Just like Bing app above, it will try to identify name of the celebrity from a photo and can possibly tell you source of the image as well.

Google Lens is very intuitive and can perform image search on live image taken from the camera or an old image from the gallery of your phone. After identifying a celebrity’s name, it will show that to you along with the other resources such as Wikipedia results, IMDB results, and related matching images.

Google comes preinstalled in almost all the Android phones. You just have to make sure that you have the latest version that has Google Lens integrated into it. Launch it from the main screen of the app and the take a photo. It will take a couple of seconds and will tell you name of the celebrity along with other details. You can see it in action in the screenshot above.

Pop Faces

Pop Faces Celebrity Recognition App

Pop Faces is the last free app that you can use to quickly find celebrity details from photos. This is a really powerful app that has a live camera that it uses as a scanner. You just place the camera of this app to a celebrity photo and it will identify that live. You will see name of the celebrity and then tap on that to pull up more information about him/her.

This app is quite large in size and downloads a huge database before it actually starts functioning. After installing it, you just place the camera towards a photo of a celebrity and it will identify that for you. When name of the scanned celebrity appears on the screen. tap on it and it will pull up the Wikipedia page of that celebrity for you.

Even though has a perfect functionality but it sometimes can’t guess less popular celebrities. The reason might be that it relies on its own database rather than reverse image search.

Closing Words:

These 5 are very interesting apps which make it easy to find the name of a celebrity from his/her photo for fun or research. All you have to do is point the camera towards the TV and then it will automatically analyze and show the celebrity’s name. All these 5 apps work as they should be. Personally, I will recommend you to use ActorDetector and Bing. But since most people have Google installed already; they can take help of the Google Lens.

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