Free Windows 8 App To Learn About Animals: The Big Animal Book

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The Big Animal Book is a free Windows 8 learning app which helps your kids to learn about animals around us. It has a well versed collection of different animals, birds, and sea creatures. There are total 31 animals in this app. The app gives you a brief overview about the animals and also provides option to view their Wikipedia description. Plus, it also shows amazing pictures and videos of the animals. And this is not it, it also tells the species, family, class, kingdom, and more facts about these animals!

Besides this, you can read the latest news related to the animals, and can also play games inside the app which will help in recognizing the animals.

The app is equally useful to both children and adults, as there are lots of things that even the adults don’t know. You can find the app under the Education Category in Windows Store.

The Big Animal Book- mainscrren

Learn about Animals using The Big Animal Book:

The screenshot above shows the main screen of the app, and everything that the app offers to the users is present in this screen itself. The app is very informative, as it has the exact amount of information. The collection is pretty good. Some of the animals are really rare that you haven’t seen. So it’s good to know about such animals. Just click on the animal and you’ll get its information.

You can view the animal’s information according to categories, which are: Most Popular, Recently Updated, and Seldom Seen (all these categories contains same set of animals right now, which might get updated later) or you can view them according to their natural habitats. The Overview part gives a brief information about the animal and covers the animal’s history, their physical attributes, the food they eat, and their habitat’s information, etc. It also covers some sensitive issues like illegal killing of animals and raises a point of concern about the animal. For more information about an animal, you can read the animal’s Wikipedia page within the app itself. The app tries to be more interesting by including amazing pictures and videos of animals in their respective habitats and helps you in understanding how do they act when they are in their natural habitats. Following is a screenshot of the app showing a video of lion.

The Big Animal Book- lion video

Another good thing about the app is that you can read all the latest news of people and organizations who are working for the animal rights. The news also lets you know about various events that are organized for the animals safety and health, and hence raises public awareness.

The app also comes with an animal recognition game that can help you to improve your knowledge about animals. The game is categorized in three categories according to difficulty level. The easy level game is free, but it has got bugs; the pictures of the animal in the game doesn’t change. Besides easy level game you need to spend some bucks in order to play higher level games.

Features of The Big Animal Book:

  • Free learning app for Windows 8.
  • Helps kids and adults to learn about animals, alike.
  • Collection of 31 different animals.
  • Good textual contents, plus provides information from Wikipedia.
  • Big collection of amazing pictures and videos of animals.
  • Provides latest news that involves animals.
  • Raises concern for animals.
  • Easy to use navigation.

Also check out a similar app for Android: Kids Animals.

Final Verdict:

The Big Animal Book is more like a digital encyclopedia of animals, and provides good enough information. Though the game needs correction and the app might freeze in-between. Still it’s a good app to learn about animals, and helps children learn while they play. Above all you are getting everything for free.

Try the free app here.

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