Set Animated Wallpapers Made with HTML/CSS on Windows 11

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Octos is a free and open-source animated wallpaper software made with HTML/CSS on Windows 11. Here it allows you to set and create animated wallpapers using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. It comes with ready-made wallpapers already but you can also create your own and set them as background on Windows.

We have covered software that lets you set video as wallpaper and even GIF images as wallpaper. But Octos here takes that to a new level by creating wallpapers using HTML/CSS animations. If you are a web developer then you can now create animated wallpapers for your PC and set them. However, this software runs on Windows for now.

How to Set Animated Wallpapers Made with HTML/CSS on Windows 11?

You can download this software from GitHub using this link. After that, you can just launch it and then start using it. And if the antivirus gives any warning, then you can simply disable it temporarily as the software is clean and just not signed. If you have doubts then you can check the source code and even build it yourself.

Now, on the main interface of the software, you will see some ready-made wallpapers already. You can download them and save them in your collection.

Octos Download Wallpaper

Go to the collection and then from there, you can set it as desktop background. This is as simple as that. You can switch between wallpapers anytime from the same interface.

Octos Set Wallpaper

Another thing that you can do with this software is create your own animated wallpaper. For that, just go to the Mod section and then create a new mod. For doing that, it will ask for a folder to create so that, once you select a folder then it will add some boiler plate code in it that you can modify.

Octos Mod Folder

This way, you can manage the animated wallpapers in this software. You can create them and then save them right here. You can set the wallpaper anytime and then let it stay there.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for modern animated wallpaper software for Windows 11 then Octos is the best option you’ve got. Just download this and give this a shot. Use the wallpaper that it has to offer or you can also go on to create your own anytime. For that, you just need a basic knowledge of HTML. CSS, and JavaScript.

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