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Stupeflix Video Maker is a free online video maker that presents an extremely easy way to create exquisite videos for YouTube. This free online video maker allows the user to make customized videos according to the need and lets the user to share them with friends and relatives. Sometimes it becomes necessary to create videos to explain a procedure, create an advert for a product etc., For all these purposes  a robust video explanation is very useful. Stupeflix has a number of tools and features to help user in creating such videos.

It is extremely easy to create videos with Stupeflix Video maker. You just upload the images and videos that you want to use to create your video, and this free video maker will combine them to make a video. You can use images from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and even your computer. You can also add audio to your video. Stupeflix Video maker also gives option to add maps to your videos, and this comes extremely handy when making videos related to locations.



The user can start creating videos by creating by using the online application at Youtube. In fact the user can create an account for himself and start creating/ Uploading/ Saving the videos with this free online video maker. All this can be done in simple steps and this process does not require any download.

How to Use Stupeflix Video Maker

Here is a quick video tutorial that explains how to use Stupeflix Video maker:

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Features of Stupeflix Video Maker:

  • Send video greetings: The user can compile an attractive video greeting from the photos and video clips available. A personalized greeting video can be created effortlessly using the tools and options available in the freeware.
  • Create customized slideshow of photos or video clips: The user can create a slideshow of photos and include  small video clips in the video to make personalized videos for specific occasions. For this purpose the user is presented with a number of themes to choose from. The photos and videos that are to be included in the final video can be imported from photo albums in popular social networks and photo sharing websites such as Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and even from the computer’s local hard drive. Urls for images and video clips can also be used to include them into the video.
  • Adding specific elements to the video: The user can add song from the computer as a background track and even add Google Maps to the videos to explain a route.  The user can add his own captions to the map and the images using text slides. While using the maps the user is capable of choosing the location / Route that is to be shown on the map.
  • Previewing: Stupeflix Video Maker allows the user to see an instant preview of the video that is created. After the previewing has been done, the user  can still make changes and edit the video  in the way he wants.
  • Exporting Videos : Once the video has been created, it can be uploaded to any popular video hosting site such as YouTube or even can be stored locally and shared with friends.

All these features make Stupeflix Video Maker , an efficient application to create great videos for specific purposes and share them as well.

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