Test Internet Speed from Command Line using Speed Test CLI Free

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speedtest-cli is a free command line tool to test internet speed from command line. Here using this tool, you can test your internet connection speed by running simple commands. Here it performs a serious test on your internet connection and shows you the precise download and upload speed. You can see the speed there and even export the results to a CSV or JSON file with the help of a few command line switches. This is a cross-platform tool then you can use it easily on Windows, Linux, and MAC.

There are many online speed test tools tools out there even some free software too, but if you need a tool to test internet speed from command line then you can use the one mentioned here. Here you can simply install it using Python and proceed with the speed test process. Here it comes with various other advanced parameters that you can use as command line arguments. Here it even lets you save the output of the speed test as a JSON or CSV file with ease. Not only this, but you can use it to only check for upload or download speed separately.

How to Run Internet Speed Test from the Command Line with Speed Test CLI

As I already mentioned that you need Python in order to install or use this tool then you need to make sure that you have Python. If you don’t have it then you can install the latest version of Python from here. During Python installation, don’t forget to add it to the system PATH. Now, you can begin with the installation process.

Run the following command and it will install speedtest-cli on your PC. In this case, I am installing this on my Windows 10 machine. But it should work for Linux as well.

pip install speedtest-cli

pip install speedtest cli

Now, when the installation is finished, you can start using this tool. Here’s the command to test current internet speed. When you run this command, it will start the test and you need to be patient while it is performing the test. When the test is done, it will show you the speed test results that you can analyze. It is simple as that.


speed test cli in action

Above, you can see the results that it produces. This way, you can use this tool to test internet connection speed whenever you want. If you want to save the speed test results to a file then you can run the following command. You just have to add additional command line arguments to make it work.

speedtest-cli –csv

speedtest csv output

So, in this way, you can use this simple and powerful tool to test internet speed and then do whatever you want. There are many other options included that you can use and you go though them on its GitHub page. The best part is that this is an open source projects and if you are interested then you can contribute it to its source code. Or, you can also see

Final thoughts

If you need a handy tool to test internet speed from command line then you can use the one mentioned here. Also, you can use the advanced command line arguments to get the output in the way you want. I liked this simple tool and its ability to let you test speed by running simple commands.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 6 Average: 4.8]
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