Dooble: Free and Secure Web browser

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Dooble is a free, open source web browser that provides a safe internet browsing experience. Dooble browser’s main purpose is to conceal user’s personal data thereby protecting the privacy of the user. The other main aspect is that the Dooble browser is platform independent.

Dooble is an open source product. So the source code for the browser is available for download on the SCM repositories that are linked to the website. Further the source code can be edited and customized by the user for specific uses. The source code available on the SCM directory is revised constantly and a developer can choose a code that has been recently revised and updated. Also check out other free uncommon browsers.

Dooble web browser’s core has the WebKit Engine. A simple and compactly programmed core  ensures that the open source browser’s internal functions can be easily accessed for modification both by users and developers.


Dooble, the free web browser is capable of being run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. Further Dooble browser runs  on any  flavor of Linux.

Interesting Features of Dooble browser:

A simple but elegant User Interface:

Dooble web browser’s main feature is its easy-to-use interface. The browser has a fancy desktop and its simple design makes it easy for even the naive users. When it comes to functionality , the dooble browser includes all features of a conventional browser along with a few special features. Dooble, definitely is a feature rich addition to any software collection.

File manager:

Dooble browser contains an integrated file manager option that enables the user to browse through the system directories, open and view the files from the web browser itself. This is an intuitive feature packed into the browser as an additional functionality. Also check out Windows explorer alternatives.

FTP browser:

A functional FTP(File Transfer Protocol) browser client is also included with the Dooble browser. Using this the user can access server files(FTP servers) and perform File transfers between his computer and servers that support file transfers. This means that you do not need a separate FTP client.

Dooble is thus a robust, open source , free Web browser that provides a safe internet browsing experience apart from providing many other intuitive features.

The latest version of the installer file for the Dooble browser is about 30 MB in size. It can be downloaded for the different OS versions individually from here.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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