5 Free Software to Learn Morse Code

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Here is the list of 5 free software to learn Morse code.

Morse code is a method to send and receive the information as a series of clicks, lights, and sounds. I am quite sure that most of us have also seen some device to send Morse code in movies or somewhere else. Basically, Morse code is used to send emergency signals and for other cases. A sequence of dots and dashes is used for every alphabet and number (like . – for A). This sequence is decoded to grab the information (or say text message).

These software provide easy to understand lessons and levels to practice and learn Morse code. All of these software will help you understand International Morse Code, Morse Code Prosigns (say …—… for SOS signal), abbreviations, etc. Most of these software use the popular technique known as ‘Koch Method‘.

Lets start with the first software in this list named as ‘Cute CW’.

Cute CW

Cute CW- interface

The best Morse Code software listed here is ‘Cute CW‘. It comes with Training Modes and Play Modes. Both of these modes provide 4 different sections.

In Training Modes, you need to listen to the sequence of Morse sounds and press the correct key or type the correct word for that sound. Try to type the letter as soon as possible. It also shows how fast you typed the last letter. The initial lessons of this mode come with an option to view the Morse code, as well as the letter associated with that code. So, it will be easy for you to easily recognize the sound and press the key. However, the sections after that will be tough as you will only hear the sound and you need to type the correct answer.

In Play Modes, you can type words or insert a text file, and it will produce Morse sound for every single letter. Other sections of Play Modes will only play the sound and you need to type the correct keys.

Both of these modes will help you to easily recognize and learn Morse code. It is really a handy software and comes in a zip file which is around 8 MB in size.


MorseRabbit- interfaceMorseRabbit is also a good software to learn Morse code. It comes with two modes: Normal and Reverse Training Mode. Using the first mode, it will provide a sequence of Morse code on its interface and you need to type the correct letters. In Reverse Training mode, you will see some random letters and you need to type the correct sequence of Morse code. Apart from viewing letters, it also provides Morse sound. This will help you understand about Morse code in a much better way.

There are 6 levels, and some other lessons to practice basic Morse code, prosigns, punctuation, abbreviations, etc. It also provides ‘Help’ within its interface (in a table or tree view) to get the hints. Apart from this, you can also start any level of your choice, change Morse sound, and adjust speed to display letters and code sequence.

A Blind mode is also available in this software. Enabling this mode will only play the sound and you need to type the correct letters. So, there are a lot of features that make it handy. It is a portable software and only 333 KB in size.


Morsetest- interface

Morsetest is also an interesting software. You can use it to produce and automatically play Morse sound for entered letters or words. You can also add a text file and it will produce sound for every single letter available in that text file. However, it doesn’t show Morse code sequence on its interface, you can only listen to the Morse sound, and see the letters.

You can also use this software to practice Morse code using mouse-clicks. You can produce sound (dots and dashes) using left and right mouse buttons. You can also change the sound and speed to play the sound. More than 50 sound clips are available to choose from.

It is another portable software in this list and its zip file is only 142 KB in size.

Just Learn Morse Code

Just Learn Morse Code- interface

Another very useful software in this list is ‘Just Learn Morse Code’. You can use it to learn Morse code by entering the custom text, a text file, random characters set, words, abbreviations, etc. Unique feature comes with this software is that it lets you record the sound and save it as wav file.

Apart from this, it also lets you view the list of codes on the right side of its interface. It will show all characters and numbers. And for every single letter, it will show the associated Morse code sequence.

You can also adjust Morse code speed, pitch, minimum and maximum length for words, etc. After selecting the words or letters, you can start your Morse code learning session. It will automatically play the sound for every single letter and show you that letter on its interface. So, you will recognize Morse code easily by listening to the sound and viewing the letters.

It is a lightweight software and its setup file is just 390 KB in size.

Morse Machine

Morse Machine- interface

Morse Machine is the last and one of the best software in this list to easily learn Morse code. You can select whether you want to learn only letter, symbols, numbers, or all of them. It also lets you set the Pitch and character speed using its simple interface.

When you will start the session, it will show the bars (filled with green color) associated with different characters and numbers (depending on the options enabled by you). It will play a Morse sound and you need to press the correct key. If you press the wrong key, it will play that sound again and again until you type the correct key.

To make it easy for you, it will also show the key associated with that sound. So you can easily recognize the Morse code sequence and hit the correct key. When you will press the correct keys again and again, the green bar will start getting empty and then the new bar will appear. So, your difficulty level will increase slowly, but you can memorize the sound and keys, and give the exact answers.

It is another lightweight software (setup file is only 639 KB).


All of these software are really good. Using these software, you can be a master in listening to and typing the Morse code correctly. From beginners to intermediate users and also for advanced users, all these software are handy. However, Cute CW is my personal favorite and the best software because it provide lessons and games to learn Morse code from the beginning and become a pro.

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