Free Software to Bulk Download Files using Excel, Set Custom Name, Location

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Excel Parser Processor is a simple and handy Windows Application that reads (parses) all the URLs that you save in an Excel file and bulk downloads them to a specified folder. The URLs can point towards any asset such as .JPG, .PNG, .PDF, .TXT, .DOC and more.

Excel Parser Processor is a great tool for people who are interested in automating the bulk download of several files of different types without having to download them individually. Additionally you can indicate the folders where you desire to save the asset files so that they are automatically organized into separate folders while being downloaded.

Once the Excel file is uploaded, the program generates an array of items from the rows of the spreadsheet where you have pasted the Asset URLs. It then downloads the files one by one recursively till every item in the array is processed and all the files are downloaded. Let us examine how this application works.

How it Works:

1. Download Excel Parser Processor (7z archive) using the link that we have specified at the end of this article and unzip the contents in a specified folder on your hard drive.

2. Make a list of the URLs of all the files that you require to download and paste them in separate rows of an Excel spreadsheet.

3. In the next column, you can specify a file name (without extension) for the files. This is an optional requirement, as the files will be downloaded with their original names if you leave this column blank. Additionally, in the third column, you can specify the folder name where the files should be downloaded and saved. This too is optional and if you leave it blank then all the files will be saved in the Output folder that you specify as indicated in the following step. Look at the attached screenshot to view the structure of the Excel file.

Excel file

4. Browse to the folder where you unzipped the application files and then launch it by double clicking the file Excel Parser Processor.exe.

5. Drag and drop the Excel file that you created above onto the application window. Next, specify the output folder where you wish to save the files after downloading.

Drag and Drop Excel file

6. The download will start immediately and may take time depending upon the number of Asset URLs that you have pasted in the Excel spreadsheet.

7. A report will be generated and displayed at the end of this process to indicate how many files have downloaded successfully and how many have failed to download. A log file of this report is also saved in the output folder that you specified.

Files downloaded report

Closing Comments:

I tested Excel Parser Processor by preparing an Excel file and trying to download a couple of assets by parsing the Excel file in question. I observed that it works perfectly well and quickly downloaded all the files. This is really a handy tool for downloading multiple assets such as Images, PDF documents etc easily and automatically saving them into specified folders.

Click here to download the Zip archive of Excel Parser Processor. The name of the file to be downloaded is excel-parser-processor-1.3.1-x64.nsis.7z.

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