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We are living in the digital age when almost every book is being converted into a PDF and being used on the iPad. However, up until now you had the option of viewing eBooks just as they would on a real page only if you got them from retailer. Now, though, you can convert almost every single text file that you may have into an eBook that will replicate the feeling of reading from an actual book. The Free Flip pages worker for eBook is the software that is essential for those who want to convert their text files into an eBook that comes with page turning effects.

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Download and Installation:

At this stage, you may realise that bringing out page turning effects in a PDF file is certainly not an easy option especially when you are looking at a free software. Of course, it is not easy and it is one of the reasons for the Free Flip pages worker for eBook to occupy a substantial space on your hard disk. Downloading the software takes a few minutes on a good broadband connection. The best aspect of the software is the fact that there is no installation required. You can use it straight away once it is downloaded.

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Key Features of this page turning effect software:

  • The main feature of the software is the ability to convert a normal text file into a PDF that has page turning effects
  • Ability to get output in four different file formats
  • Ability to change quite a lot of information like title, size, pictures, speed of flipping and position
  • Provides the ability to add an unique logo to the output file, which will prevent issues with copyrights
  • Ability to view the output file on a variety of devices including the iPad and the iPhone

Page turning effect has been on the rise ever since the introduction of the same in the iPhone. However, such effects have been available only on files given by large corporations. Now, you can bring out the same effect from any text file you wish using the Free Flip pages worker for eBook. This software can be used to recreate the page turning effect for free. This effect is in so much demand due to the retro feeling that it provides to the reader.

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More often than not, it is similar to reading a normal book if you are resorting to the Kindle or the iPad. This free page turning effect creating software can be not only used to bring out this effect, but a whole host of other features as well. This includes adding sounds when the page is flipped to customised colour options. There is also the option to add automatic flipping. It is also possible to use this flipping effect on photos as well.

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Perhaps, the biggest advantage of this free page turning effect creating software is that it is quick and simple to use. It does not take long to add these effects onto a particular text file. Just select the text file to which you want to add this effect, and before you notice, you are ready to go and impress friends. This free page turning effect creating software is not only exciting when it comes to features, but also extremely easy to work with as well. Download the Free Flip pages worker for eBook now.

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