Free Animated Icon Editor Software for Windows 10

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This article covers a Free Animated Icon Editor Software for Windows 10. This application called “getmotion” is straightforward and simple to use which lets you customize the animated SVG icons by changing stroke and fill color. It has a decent collection of icons in the free plan which you can extend with the pro plan. Inside the application, you can adjust animation speed by dragging the slider on the left or right side. The tool is lightweight with a pleasant interface that occupies 45.8 MB space of your hard disk.

This application is currently in its beta setup of version v0.0.22 with high-grade and remarkable feedback. This tool allows you to save the format as SVG and copy SVG code. Being easy-to-use and free of cost, this tool is currently in higher demand with lots of proper and positive response. So let’s explore it more in the below section.

Free Animated Icon Editor Software for Windows 10 1

Free Animated Icon Editor Software for Windows 10

In order to get this free service, you need to visit this link. Once you open it, click on the “Download for Windows button” to download the utility. This might take a while depending upon your internet speed and internet surfing. Now, navigate to the download folder and install the software.

Free Animated Icon Editor Software for Windows 10 2

Open the application after the proper installation and you will see there is a simple and clear user interface. At the top of the Windows pane, there is a menu bar that consists of File, View, and Help.

In the left sidebar of the window, you find a list of different icons in which some of them are free and remaining are in pro version. In order to access the pro icons, you need to pay $29 per year. There is also a Search button on the top that helps you to find any particular icon just by typing the name.

From the right pane of the screen, the application allows you to adjust the animation speed and stroke length of the icon. Dragging the stroke slide from the left to right increases the width of the icon, and on moving from right to left, reduces its width. The range of the Stroke width is from 1.0px to 4.0px.

Similarly, when you drag the slider from right to left, it increases the flow of the icon speed. And the speed decreases while moving from left to right. The range of the animation speed can be set from 0.1 seconds to 15 seconds. It means the icon repeats the effect once it completes its time interval.

Furthermore, you can also customize the color of the icon boundary and can fill its blank area with a selection of different colors. Clicking on the Stroke and Fill option, view all the possible appearances to adjust the color of the icon. On selecting the Reset styling option, it reverts the changes to the initial setup.

Closing word:

Getmotion is a handy and feature-rich utility that lets you have lots of well-designed animated icons for various requirements. With a useful selection of interesting animated icons, you can create an attractive animated GIF including adjusting the animation speed and filling color. Using this tool, you can customize the icons as per your design theme.

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