Website to Show Area you can Travel in a Cab within your Budget

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Up Hail’s new service Discover gives you an¬†estimate on how far you can travel in a cab with the amount of money you have. The website asks you to tell it your budget or the amount of money you have, then tell the website the location you are at currently. The website will show you all the taxi or cab services available in that area. You can choose a service and you will be shown an estimate of the area you can travel to in that much amount. The service is in beta version right now.

When you start the website for the first time you will see an interface like the one shown in the screenshot below.

uphail home

The website shows a map in the background and a small box over it to enter your details. The box to enter details is shown below. You have to enter your current location in the first field. To enter the amount of money you have slide the slider and choose the amount. The slider is given above the discover button.

uphail destination

After choosing this, you have to choose a cab service you will prefer. Click the drop down menu in the middle, this will list all the taxi or cab services available in your current location.

uphail cabs

Now select the service you prefer from the given. Once you have done that, click on the discover button at the bottom. Now the website will take a few seconds and calculate the area which you can travel in the amount of money you have. This area will be marked by a red circle on the map, this can be seen in the screenshot below.

uphail area you can travel

The red triangle marks your current position and the red circle shows the area you can cover using a UberX cab service in $41. You can also change the cab service and try out a different one to see if you can travel further through another service.

uphail another cab

The website comes in handy when you are traveling on a budget and can’t afford to spend too much money on cabs. You can see this area chart and see if your destination is covered in this¬† marked area or not.


Up Hail’s new service Discover is in beta mode, but it comes in very handy and will help you out when you have to travel a distance with limited amount of money. You can see an estimate of the distance you will be able to cover with the amount of money you have. So check out this service next time you are going to hail a cab and do not have too much cash with you.

Check out Up Hail Discover here.

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