Spotify for Pets: Create Playlist for Your Pet for Free

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In this blog post, you will read how to create a playlist for your pet on Spotify. By visiting this new Spotify for Pets website, you can let your pets listen to their favorite music.

We cannot deny the fact that our pet gives us unconditional happiness. Those who own a pet do several activities to keep their pet engaged and keep them in a playful mood.

Most of the pet owners play music for their pets as they love it. Literally, Pets do enjoy music and dance too. But making a separate playlist might take time as you have to select different songs that your pet can like.

Spotify for Pets is the website that can work as a perfect platform to create a playlist. Spotify has now added a new feature where you can create a separate playlist for your Dog, Cat, Bird, Hamster, etc. Using this website, you can add a few details about your pet and the site automatically creates a playlist that suits your pet’s mood.

You just need to pick your pet, their mood, and nature. You can also add the name and photo of your pet. Thereafter, you will find a curated playlist on Spotify that you can play for your pet and let them dance all along.

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Spotify for Pets to Create Playlist for Your Pet for Free

Spotify for Pets: Create Playlist for Your Pet for Free

To create a playlist of your pet’s favorite music, you can visit the website called Spotify for Pets. The website is free where you can have a good choice of music for your loving pet.

Once you head to this website, you will see a quite attractive homepage. To get started, you need to pick a pet. It can be a Dog, Cat, Bird, Hamster, and Iguana.

pick your pet to create playlist

After you select your pet, you can go Next. Now you need to tell a little more about your pet. At this point, you can mention what type of mood your pet is in. Here, you can use the slider to set the mood from Relaxed to Energetic. Whatever mood you choose, the pet on the screen behaves exactly like that.

select the mood of your pet

By doing so, the website creates a playlist based on the mood of your pet. Thereafter, you can also mention if your pet remains shy or friendly. Again, the pet on the screen reacts based on the option you choose.

select the basic nature of your pet

The last thing to mention about your pet is if they are curios or apathetic. Once done, you can enter the name and photo of your pet. Thereafter, the website reads the information about your pet and create a playlist based on the details you have added.

let your pet listen to the playlist

You can share the playlist with others so that your friends can let their pets listen to music according to their mood.

Here, you can click on the Listen Now button. It takes you to the Spotify web app where you will find the newly created playlist for your pet.

In brief

Spotify for Pets is a great website for your loving pets. You can just set the mood and behavior of your pet and the website automatically creates a random song playlist that you can play for your pet. No matter if your pet is upset or rude, Spotify will make your pet’s mood happy anyway.

Visit the Spotify for Pets website.

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