See History of Metal through different Genres on a Map

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Map of Metal is a website which tells you about the history of metal through different genres. History is generally a topic which can put me to sleep, even if it is history of music, it can still end up being pretty boring. But for metal fans this website would be like a blessing. The website shows you the history of metal through different genres like 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, and 00s. All this is represented on the website in the form of a pirate map.

When you open this website, the first visual seen would be like the one in the below screenshot. This image is shown while the website is loading.

map of metal home

The map starts with a legend which has four main genres primary genre, metal genre, fusion genre and related genre. Each genre has a symbol in front of it, which makes it easier for you to recognize these symbols on the map.

map of metal page

The map is read from top left corner to bottom right corner. The top left corner starts with the 60s genre and scrolling down you would notice that each genre is divided by chains. When you click on a genre a small description of it will open up in the black window on the bottom left of your screen. Along with description there would be popular songs listed by popular bands or artist. This can be seen in the screenshot below where I clicked on heavy metal and a description came up for that genre along with songs.

map of metal genre description

You can click on any song from the list to play it. A video of this song can also be seen on the right side of your screen. Basic music controls are also given on your screen like play, pause and volume. These can be found at bottom right corner of your screen, where you can also see the name of the song that is playing.

map of metal settings

There is a settings option which can be used to manage the color of the website, change the visual quality to low or high and adjust the streaming quality to high, low or medium.

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I am not a big fan of metal, but reading some history about different genres of metal was quite enlightening, accompanied by some good music in the background. I wouldn’t say that the website made me turn into a metal fan, but I know about its history a lot better now. And definitely found some awesome music to listen to. Do try this website out if you are a metal fan or not, it really has some nice collection of music.

Check out Map of Metal here.

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